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Bike Stands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Nocturne, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Just thinking that soon enough i will want to do what little mechanical work on my bike that i can, so looking into what sort of things i'll need.

    I do my own oil changes on the car and plan to do interim ones on the bike too, if required, along with removing/cleaning/lubing the chain - I figure i have most of the tools for these sorts of things, but I gather i'll need to invest in a stand and am hoping for some ideas or information...

    - So basically will i need both rear and front stands, or just the rear?
    - Any brands i should stick with or others i should avoid?
    - Can the bike also be stored on them when not in use? I'll be using the car some days during the week and bike on others, so if i can keep it on the stands that'd be preferable as i'll keep the bike in the garage
  2. A.) just rear, preferably spool type and get some rear spools
    B.) i think anything should be fine as long as its not too dodgy looking, i us a $50 aldi one and its great. Make sure the load rating is more than enough.
    C.) yes it can be stored on them
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  3. Champion. Thats all i need thanks :D
  4. I have a front and rear stand. My front stand lifts the bike from under the steering head head, which is very handy if you need to remove the forks to work on. I use the rear a lot more ( the bike lives on it when I am not riding it) but the front is also very handy, so I would buy the rear first but keep an eye out for a front stand on ebay at some point down the track as well.
    To justify the cost, keep in mind that when you get tyres fitted the dealer/tyre seller can knock of up to $50 the price of fitting if you bring wheels in off the bike. Doesnt take too long for the front stand to pay for itself.
  5. Sweet cheers, will definitely keep an eye out for the front too
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  7. I've got three anderson stands. Love them and trust them.
    Have used cheap ones before and they failed on me.
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  9. I'm also a fan of anderson stands and have two front and one rear stand of theirs.