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bike stands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pete777, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. i just bought a set of stands (rjays) for the back and front. they make life so easy :)

  2. Indeed, great for servicing and detailing the bike.
  3. +1 for RJays rear stand. best bang for buck.

    Only problem I have is that I need a new rear stand for my SSSA. I am thinking Kaneg
  4. i bought Kaneg
    great build quality and price
    came with a free set of spools
    when i told them i was sent the wrong size spools, they sent two other sets of various size to test on my bike

    dont know any other company that would do stuff like that

    that being said, i've heard RJays is good too
  5. how much is this fine piece of equipment?
  6. sport racing from peter steven is good
  7. I paid $90 for my RJays rear stand, and the Kaneg prices are listed on his site that I linked in my above post.
  8. I've got Kaneg stands.

    Excellent service and good prices. I've got a few more things off them. The best internet trader I've ever dealt with.
  9. I plan on buying quite a few things from them:

    Trailer mate x2
    Ramp x2
    SSSA rear stand
    head lift

    With all that it should make life a lot easier.
  10. how can you adjust the width of Kaneg stands eg back wheel on a vtr250 , is no where as wide as say 1000 fireblade, or that what the spools, do ?
  11. I've got a kaneg one. Got free spools and a free hat :LOL:
  12. How much was front? Free axel spools with that?
  13. :worthlesspics: :LOL:
  14. AMX have them for $150, NFI what brand it is. For $150, i'll keep using my jack stands.
  15. $129 for my Rjays one from AMX. Fits my VTR250 fine with the L-shape swingarm pickups adjusted all the way in. makes my life alot easier.
  16. I bought an Oxford paddock stand with L-shaped pickups. It cost me $130.
    Had some trouble with a faulty one, but got it swapped and I haven't had any complaints since. I've asked around, and no one else has had trouble with them, so I'd assume I was unlucky. Works great for getting at the back wheel of my Spada.
  17. 95 for my Rjays stand from Bikemart in Ringwood.
    If you are a member of NR 10% discount is always given by the boys. Good service and Max is great to chat with.

    Oh and the Rjays came with flat rubber pickups for a standard swingarm and v shaped if you have spools.
  18. I was looking for one of these, the Kanegs look pretty sweet.

    Do you think there's any reason why the silver one is $20 cheaper? Oversight perhaps?