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Bike stand rubber cradle

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. I have a 'super action' rear bike stand but I've lost the rubber covers for the cradle. The rubber bit for the L bracket. I'm happy with one or both.
    Was wondering if anyone knows where to get them or if they want to sell I'm willing to buy.

    I cannot use the spools because I snapped one side off and cannot fix.

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  2. buy a pushbike tube @ kmart, cut a couple lengths off it and slip over bracket.

  3. Ive tried silicone
    tried foam
    tried leather..my gloves
    They slide , they get cut through I now have a gouge in my swing arm..
    I want the right thing this time.
  4. fair enough! good luck. cheers George.
  5. There's a rubber coating you can get at tool shops that would be perfect, you dip the item in, them let it dry & you've got a rubber coated surface. It's not too dear from memory, sorry, I forget what it's called though...

    Just in case you can't find the right thing.

    Edit: It's called Plastidip.
  6. Just buy some new/used arms (complete ones) and be done with it...
  7. Yes but from where?
    Maybe I should sell the stand and buy a new one. hmm...
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  9. OOOHHhh Thanks for that...

    I actually only need one cos i can put the other spool on.
    but I'll hold of buying for a bit. $10 would be great
  10. Unfortunately I can't seem to find them...
  11. Oh well Thanks heaps anyway.
    I've improvised atm.
    I put one spool on and used the cradle on the other using a gym glove instead of the rubber.
    When I jack it up the bike is actually on an angle. Managed to tighten, clean and lube the chain.

    When its time to get the chain kit I'll have to buy the rubber pieces.

    And thanks again.
  12. I have 2 here if you still need them..

  13. I ended up buying thick neoprene strips with an adhesive backing from Clark rubber. I can't remember who suggested but thanks all the same for the suggestion. It came to a total cost of less than $4 for a strip 20cm long. Only downside would be the fact that it is not very durable. It'll require replacing every now and then.
    But I'm happy with.
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