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Bike stand question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FLYREX, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Bit of a noob question, but is it ok to jump on your bike and change up through the gears whilst the bike is up on a single or double bike stand?

    I'm not too keen to do it just in case the bike (magically) jumps off the stands and sends me flying.
  2. :worthlesspics:

    Real answer.....Is it safe & solid on the stands ??? or ready to fall over at the slightest vibration. Be careful not to get your foot or hand caught in the spinning chain/rear wheel/sprocket...DO NOT attempt to clean or lube the chain with the bike running and/or the rear wheel turning under power.
  3. If the stand is made out of something better than toothpicks you'll be fine.
    I have done what you asked using my Sharp Racing rear stand plenty of times and I'm not the smallest bloke on NR!
  4. Cheers guys.

    I haven't got any pics lol....yet.

    I picked up my new bike (06 R6) on Tuesday this week and looking at getting some stands so just thought I'd ask the question.
  5. If you're worried about it flying off why not stand next to it and just use your right foot to shift?
  6. OK, nobody else has asked so I will .... Why would you want to?? :-k
  7. Not even sure I wanted to jump on it, just curious if I could.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  8. If you have a decent stand, no probs; after all, the only way the bike can 'fly forward' is if the driving wheel is touching the ground, which, if it is up on the stand, it patently isn't.

    It's a good practice to put the bike up on the stand if you are not riding it for a few hours or more; the oil and other fluids return to a level position in their cases, and you should always lube the chain when it is hot (ie, after riding) so being on the stand when you return to your garage is a perfect place and time.
  9. Thanks Paul, that's a great help.
  10. just take a whole lot of care
  11. I once tried to find out if my old bike had the speed limiter disabled or not (stupid, I know). But at a high rear-wheel speed, the bastard started shaking excessively, so I had to can that 'test'.

    Anyway, jumping on your bike when its on a stand should be fine. My stand (Kaneg something) specifically advises against it, but it certainly looks like it can handle it. If you are cleaning your chain, make sure your hand doesn't get caught!
  12. Thanks mate. I picked up a Kaneg stand last week and it seems pretty sturdy.

    I put a timber block under the side stand first to almost level the bike out and then slide the stand under whilst keeping one hand on the tail of my bike. First time picking the bike up was a little scary, but I think I've got the hang of it now.

    Will be careful while I try to lube the chain after my next ride :)
  13. It's not clear whether you were going to try but jsut to be safe: Don't run your engine to lube the chain. See a recent thread posted from another forum where fingers were lost.
  14. I don't plan on running it in gear whilst lubing the chain. I'll just leave it in N and turn the rear wheel with one while spraying the chain with the other.

    So where is this "other" thread you speak of?
  15. Lubing chain??? that was so last century :p
    I popped the other bikes on the stand, started the bike, put it in gear and lubed the chain, spraying it as it was travelling around the sprocket. DO NOT put your hands anywhere near the chain whilst it is running. Use the spray nozzle extension that the chain lube comes with.
  16. OMFG!!!!!!

    I will be keeping my hands well clear of the chain after seeing that !!!!