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Bike stalls while on doing 40km..... Now have sore knee

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by zilly, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Riding to work this morning, I was taking it easy as the roads were wet. Turned up the side/back street beside RedWing Honda, doing about 40kms when my bike stalled.

    So I look down at my bike thinking WTF!! Then my back wheel locked up, did a couple of fish-tails, and due to the wet, the bike low sided.

    So far I have a sore left knee which kissed the bitumen first, and a sore right calf muscle... no idea why.

    Bike has its gear lever bent, indicator hanging by its wires, handlebar extension possibly broken, its booked in for a service on Monday, so hopefully I will find out why it stalled
  2. you like bashing up the left hand side of that bike hey...

    lucky it was at 40 klicks, not 100? good to hear you be all fine.

    question is, how many stopped or just drove around you?
  3. i strongly recommend grabbing the clutch as soon as your bike starts to die, in any instance, to prevent this from happening. On Monday my bike ran out of fuel in main tank, was about to stall so first thing i did was pull the clutch in, or else same thing would have happened to me
  4. Sounds to me like the engine has seized Zilly.
  5. but wait, doesn't that only happen on hyo's :LOL:

    Was the chain adjusted corrected, might of jumped off and jammed or +1 to the above comment

    glad to hear you came ou tof it fairly ok though
  6. if the engine seized... wouldn't that mean that it wouldn't start again?.. After I wheeled it into Redwing Honda to have a look, I rode it to work, and it rode fine, like as if nothing happened (although the gear lever was a bit reluctant to get into 2nd)

    Yeah Nathan, thinking about it, I should have clutched it, but it didn't even enter my thought process.

    There was a guy in a Ute, a Postie, and a guy travelling the opposite direction.

    They all stopped, the car rolled down the window and asked if I was ok, which I said I was.

    The guy in the ute helped me pick it up, and the postie gave some good ideas. So I think quite a few helped :)
  7. cbr125's can't do 100, silly.
  8. could it be an electrical fault causing the engine to stall and compression lock the rear in the wet
  9. On a 125? it'd have to be begucking slippery. Could be.

    A sudden cessation of the engine firing would indicate electrical rather than fuel. although I did have a bike that would cut suddenly on the reserve during braking, so it could be fuel.
  10. Back wind, down a hill

    Maybe :p
  11. Correct, but giving us all the information would help too :p
  12. Ahh here's a critical piece of information.

    Are you sure it stalled or just wen much quieter than normal? An unrevved engine can sound stalled.

    Maybe it slipped out of second, back into neutral and eventually into 1st.

    Could explain a lot.
  13. no i meant after the crash....
    the gear lever got bent, so it was straightened out, and on the way to work, it was more reluctant to go into second.

    The back wheel locking up I am attributing to the compression, and if I clutched it I could have avoided the lock up

    and yes my bike is quite loud, even at low idle so it was definitely a stall
  14. Zilly's can, if you don't beleive me, you should hear how loud it is... gawd damn louder then a fat biatch at an empty candy store...
  15. Thats cause the right side has my loud Zorst :p
  16. It stalled and locked the wheel? Geeze, I didn't think that was possible. I've accidentally killed the ignition on my bike before, it just spools down and you decelerate. Unless it was really REALLY wet and your tires aquaplaned.

    Seems to me like something else happened. Engine seized? Chain jammed? Gearbox jumped into first?

    I wouldn't trust that bike...
  17. sidestand/ kill switch?
  18. sidestand / kill switch were both up and not on

    I was in 3rd, bike didn't jump out of gears
    I believe the lock up was due to the fact its a single cylinder, and the bike couldn't handle the compression
  19. THe most bizzare thing about them is having a speedo that goes to 200!
  20. I used to have an xr 200 that would mysteriously stall and lock up while my bro was riding it...but always managed to re start it

    When I got the chance I took it for a spin and the same thing happened, although this time it would not start again, as it was well and truly seized!

    The stupid ....... didnt put oil in it for 3 months of weekend riding!

    I still cant comprehend the stupidity, and am disappointed in myself i didnt think to check it before it took it on its final ride!

    So in answer to a few earlier posts, there is a chance it could be seized, or an oil related issue