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bike stalls soon after starts, now just dont start at all...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by alwayseric, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. new to this forum, dont know if it is the right place to ask for help. if not, mod please move this post to where it should be. thanks.

    the bike is 06 gpx250. havent riden it for 1.5 weeks, still on my L. M.O.S.T is booked on next tuesday.

    just went out and tried to practice the riding skills. fully opened the choke and start the engine, all seems ok. then push the bike out of the parking lot, and put my helmet and gloves on and then sit on the bike (about 2 mins). also tried to turn off the the choke. as soon as i did this, the rev dropped back to 1-2k quickly and sounded not good. open it again. just played arond it a while....then the rev just spontaneously dropped back to 0, aka stalled! even though the choke is fully open.

    restart the engine, the rev just kept dropping back and stalled after a few seconds. if i tried to add a little throttle, the engine shut down immediatly.

    after a few times (and also leave it for rest a few minutes), now i just cant even start the engine.

    checked the fuel tank, still some liquid swing around inside. dont know anything else to check or to do, i am not mechanic mind at all.

    please throw me some ideas. thanks in advance.
  2. i had the exactt same problem on my cbr250, my guess is you fouled your spark plugs just need to get new ones
  3. according to the pic on the manual, the spark plugs are behind the front fairing. anyone can confirm? i have to remove the fairing?
  4. i found the problem.

    when i unscrewed off the front guard, noticed that the fuel tap was switched to OFF, which is very weird. i am sure i didnt do it after my last ride. so i turned it on, thinking another very stupid problem was finally fixed. restart the engine, but still didnt work.

    then i rechecked the bike, found the problem: the piece of short rubber tube (less then 20cm length) was "broken". the tube connectes the outlet of the fuel tank to some a part of the engine or watever you call (pardon me for ignorance of the proper names of those parts). in short, the bike doesnt have fuel, of cause it wont start (after using up last bit of fuel in the carburetor).

    i guess, either the tube somehow was broken, then someone (i have neighbour riding a beautiful suzuki 600) noticed and helped me turned offf the fuel tap and also placed a long tube beneath the broken one(i noticed a piece of strange tube beneath my bike on the day i was back from holiday). or someone simply jeapodised (but i cant think of any reason)

    anyway, who knows where i can buy the black rubber ish tube to replace the broken one? i mean hopefully now. otherwise i will check out Bunnings, do you guys know if bunning sells these things? if i cant fix it and make sure there is other obivious problem tomorrow, i willhave to change the M.O.S.T time.

  5. Wait.
    You noticed a piece of foreign tube attached to your bike and decided to go for a ride anyway?
    Seriously, I was going to post "Check your fuel tap - it's probably off" in response to your OP, but then thought "Nah, nobody could be that silly...".

    So at the risk of stating the obvious: I don't think Bunnings sell fuel tube, and you should probably have a qualified mechanic take a look anyways.

    Does the fuel taste sweet?
  6. some one stole the fuel from your bike mate they cut the line and used the other hose to fill a jerry can
  7. it is my first thought. but why? there is not much petro in a motorbike tank, and not much fuel was taken, if any.
  8. my bet is the same as Sherlock Greg's, now he's said it (y)

    as to why, well the world is full of crappy selfish people, is all :(
  9. i read your post again. still cant figure it out, if it is true that someone stole my fuel, it is too dirty, just to save a few dollar?! what can i do, apart from keeping an eye on it?
  10. well assuming Greg's right (and I suspect he is) all I can say is that we don't have a rash of people on Netrider reporting the same thing, so it's probably not a common occurrence...
  11. anyway, i will replace the tube tomorrow. called Clark Rubber, it sounds like they have exactly what i wante. $10 per meter, may get half meter tomorrow.
  12. i wish not. i will keep an eye on it. the bike is just park on the lot 5 meters away my balcony, but i am usually not at home in the day time.
  13. you are in that great group of people who have to trust others to do the right thing by their pride and joy, lotsa luck :)
  14. get yourself a bike cover that you can padlock on they could still cut through it easily but would probs be too much trouble for them
  15. Not sure if just any rubber tube will stand up to fuel. Places like Super Cheap Auto will have proper fuel line. However if comes in different sizzes so know what diameter you need. Some line is thicker than others so it is the diameter of the hole you need to know, not the diameter of the outside which may vary. Best take a sample to match if you can.
  16. hes 2 pieces so that wont be a problem
  17. :-({|=
    yes, i have two piece now.lol
    will check the shops out tomorrow. hopefully that's the only reason that the bike didnt start.

    i do have a bike cover and kept it on the bike most of time (i havent riden the bike to the company monday to friday yet).

    thank you guys. if there is any other problem, i will report back here again.
  18. good luck mate
  19. i am back.
    bought 1 m fuel tube this morning. cut appox. 10cm, tried very hard to replace the broken one. it is too tight and very difficult. anyway, i managed to connect the tank( i guess) to the carburetor (i guess too).turn on the fuel valve and then press the starter button, NOT GOOD. ..... waited for a few mintues, turn the fuel tap to reserve, still didnt work. after a few minutes and try again. this time, i only heard buzz, no crank at all. is it because the battery is flat??? nooooo, i dont have a charger.
  20. i tried again just now. i can be 99% sure the battery is totally flat and also i dont know if the fuel tube issue is really fixed. what should i do?