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Bike stalls in the wet - whats wrong and how do I fix it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. I went for an awesome ride up the spur on Saturday which turned nasty when the skies opened. On the way home in pouring rain I ran into trouble when I pulled up at some lights on Maroondah highway and the bike stalled.

    When I couldnt get it going I walked it off to the side of the road and after letting it sit for a bit was able to start it with choke, but as soon as I let it idle it stalled (as in, bike won't idle it just cuts out).

    I got it started again and after revving for a while it would idle for me so I went a bit further before the same thing happened at the next set of lights.

    I managed to start it again and get it home by keeping the revvs up the whole time because I could feel as soon as it reached idle it would cut out.

    So... this only happenes in the wet. What's wrong with my bike and how do I fix it? I assume it's water getting into something it shouldn't... carburettor or fuel line???

    My bike is a 1988 SRX250 and apart from this has had no mechanical problems. Since it's dried out it's been running like a dream.
  2. I know of people who have had problem similar to urs. It was there spark plug leads were not seated properly and had some tears in the cord. I would be looking here first. Make sure the spark plug caps are on and put some ducttape over the junction to make sure no water goes in.
  3. Check the tightness of the HT leads, then get a can of WD40 and periodically spray the shit out of everything that looks even remotely electrical. Also keep the coils, leads and plugs totally clean, as dirt absorbs moisture and can cause shorts. There may be a specific issue with some component of your bike, but if you throw enough water at the electrics, pretty much any bike can eventually give you problems, its just a matter of how much water it takes. I seem to recall that the SRX has pretty exposed coils....
  4. Re: Bike stalls in the wet - whats wrong and how do I fix it

    Not sure about on your bike but where is the CDI located? This could have been wet.
    If it was HT leads etc the heat from the engine would keep them dry and even is a couple were shorting out the engine would still run although very badly. I say its something that affects the entire spark system.

    My 2c worth.
  5. Re: Bike stalls in the wet - whats wrong and how do I fix it

    Like a single HT lead? . An open circuit on the HT side will affect only one plug, but a short can easily kill the entire ignition system since all the coils have a common earth.
  6. Thanks for the replies.

    So we're thinking its electrical related rather than fuel related?

    I did check the spark plug and it seemed pretty well seated. Anyway I'll check it again.

    Sorry for being a n00b but whats a CDI and whats a HT lead?

    The SRX is very exposed... there was water sitting in a puddle on top of the engine. lol
  7. The HT leads are the ones that go from the top of the sparkplug back to the coil. I can't remember the SRX that well, but it was a DOHC single with twin inlet ports and a twin carby unit in a single body functioning as two separate carbys, so any fuel problem would have to be before the carby or the bike would still run, albeit poorly. I can't remember if it also had twin coils and plugs? dual cam singles sometimes do as they usually have asymmetrical combustion chambers. The CDI is the ignition timing unit, follow the wiring back from the coil (away from the sparkplug side), and you should find an aluminum or plastic box, that is the CDI. Your symptoms do sound like a wet HT circuit to me though, and the WD40 is a really good idea if your bike model is prone to this.
  8. Re: Bike stalls in the wet - whats wrong and how do I fix it

    Agree and I forgot they were singles :grin:
  9. I'd start looking at the switchgear/handlebar area wiring first, much more exposed and likely to cause troubles.

    Regards, Andrew.