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Bike stalling

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Cheryld1969, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Hey guys

    I have only been riding for a few weeks now and I decided I may be okay riding to Blacktown shops today . on the up ramp at the back of the shops heading up to the cinema I got stuck behind a car and kept stalling my bike
    I eventually got to the top and rode around and parked next to a nice red Ducati

    Well this is when things got nasty
    A security guard started yelling at me and told me to move my bike to a seperate car spot immediately .It kind of freaked me out a little because he came out of nowhere and just started yelling.

    Is this a common occurrence with riders in western Sydney as I don't want to get yelled at by security every time i park at the shops

    Thank you
  2. Parking next to the Ducati or the guy yelling at him.
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  3. What a wanker....

    No reason for that. Depends on how much mucking around you want to do, like question his bullshit and demand to go to centre management or something. Normally takes much longer than just parking elsewhere, but you get to call his bluff (uniform plus low IQ = power trip).
  4. The Ducati rider or the one yelling
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  5. Yeah I wouldn't lose any sleep over old mate tripping. Sounds like a tosser.............
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  6. G'day CherylCheryl. That's a pretty awful experience! I don't live in Western Sydney but I doubt it is typical for motorcyclists attempting to park in marked spaces just about anywhere. You'd assume that security guards are supposed to attempt de-escalating situations rather than than yelling at people from the outset. If you were directed to park in an unused space in a civil manner it probably wouldn't have been an issue for you. I'm not sure whether it would be worth reporting the security guard's approach to the shopping centre's management?
  7. I stalled at a set of lights yesterday on the way home from work and I've been riding (crappily apparently) for several years ;) Wouldn't worry about either.
  8. Maybe it was his duc.. anyway he's a dick and that's not usual.

    A big part of my early practice was slow speed manoeuvring, helped a lot.