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Bike stalling on engaging first

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DaveS, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    My CB250 kept stalling as soon as I went from neutral to first when I tried to start off tonight.
    I was holding the clutch fully in but it still did it.
    After 5 or so times I was thinking how the f*@k and I going to get home and then it started fine.
    Could it be the clutch cable getting loose? I also find it runs smoother on premium but had to fill it today with regular unleaded, could that have any link to tonights problem?

    Cheers, Dave :-k

  2. Was it cold there today? Cold, thick oil has been known to cause sufficient clutch drag to stall a cold engine.

    Clutch adjustment is a possibility but seems unlikely if it managed to fix itself. Have you got less than about 10 mm free-play at the lever? If so, it's probably OK.

    Many bikes can be ridden (in an emergency) without the clutch. Whether you can or not depends on whether the starter will crank with the bike in gear or not. A big torquey engine helps too, but isn't absolutely vital, within reason.

    Basically, you stop the engine at stops, then select gear. To get moving, you push the starter and paddle along like mad with your feet to help it. Once the engine fires you can pull away and practice your clutchless changes and your traffic light timing/slow riding :grin: .
  3. Was your side stand up?

    Check the side stand switch, maybe it's faulty
  4. and the one on the clutch.
  5. +1 to vic. Check the side stand switch, easier than checking the clutch. Got a multimeter?
  6. It was pretty cold tonight so maybe the oil thing is to blame... the side stand was up and the warning light off.
    I could duck walk the bike in neutral but there was a scuffing sensation as if it was catching on something as I rolled it along.
  7. Hate to say it but I agree with Vic, slack spring on the side stand or the switch itself would be where I'd start looking! It doesn't have to be enough to trigger the light on your instrument panel!
  8. Your clutch sounds like its rooted or in need of adjustment.

    I'm sure if you yell out, there is bound to be a part-human on the central coast that can give you a hand to diagnose it.
  9. i encountered the similar problem with my mc19. i didnt know what wa going on. just give your bike sufficient time to warm up on cold starts n it should run fine like mine did. :grin:
  10. Tried kicking it up into second instead, just to see if that makes a difference?

    But yeah, giving it a few min to warm up before heading off when it's really cold is very helpful (and will make your engine last longer).

    If it *is* clutch adjustment it should lurch forward and stall, not just stall while remaining stationary, so it should be pretty easy to distinguish between that and a sidestand switch problem.
  11. Yeah it didn't lurch forward so maybe it's the sidestand problem.
    If it is can this be an intermittent thing or will it keep happening from now on?
  12. maybe you were trying to gear into second instead of first??


  13. Definitely the side stand cut out. Clean the die stand and lube the hinge. It's probably just not coming home like it should. If it is, then the switch is faulty.

    I find on the suzuki that I often have to prod it with my heel.
  14. After you start up from cold, pull in the clutch and give it two blips on the gas. Then engage first gear. The clutch plates will then be freed up.
  15. OR...if you ride an NSR, whack it in first, and try to paddle along whilst furiously kickstarting it, trying to turn the engine over and push your weight along at the same time! :rofl: