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Bike stalled at intersection and had to push it home

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FBI, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Just took my bike for its first ride, after charging the battery. Cruised around the block a few times to get a feel of it and make sure there weren't any noticable problems.

    All we going well! So I took off down the road a few km, and came to an intersection, where I stalled :oops:

    The worst part? The bike wouldn't restart, I'd say the battery is rooted and not holding charge. I start to push the bike back home, uphill, stopping every now and then to see whether it'l start but no good.

    Finally I get it back into my driveway, a sweating hunk of man that I am, and thought I'd try the bike one last time, and it started :evil:

    Guess I could use the exercise tho, lol.

  2. I've found when the bike wouldn't start due to a bad battery a push/rolling start is all that it needed, a lot less calories than having to push it uphill! :) Even saw the salesman do it for a bike before I took a bike for a test ride.
  3. Buy a new battery today if you get the chance, would be intresting to see if it was the battery.

    I am not sure how true this is, maybe someone else could confirm, but i was told that a bike needed to reach a certin speed or rev's before it starts to actually charge the battery?
    Maybe this is why it stalled?
  4. It's charging all the time but you get the max/most efficient charging rate at higher revs, on the GPX it was 6000+.

    It would probably be doing near enough to bugger all charging at idle though. :grin:
  5. would depend on the generated power. IIRC at idle it should be producing enough power to maintain/slightly recharge the battery, and then as the RPM's increase the regulator keeps the power at the set amount for charging. the power being supplied to recharge the battery should be the same at 2000rpms to 10000rpms. Mind the generated power before being regulated would be a lot higher at 10000rpm. Mind its been over a decade since I studied any of this, so I can be misinformed, out of date, or just plain wrong.

    you should notice at idle your headlight/s may be a little dimmer, and brighten once a few revs are applied. IF you want to recharge at idle, just turn your lights off, should make enough of a difference.
  6. Oh FBI - that truely does suck - bikes aren't light are they - and it's bl**dy hot at the moment here - so I image it's unbearably hot out at Dubbo. :?
  7. As soon as I read the OP, I thought "why wasn't he pushing it down hill and jump starting it?"

    Bike in neutral, ignition on... roll until you get up to a fast walk speed... clutch in, kick it up to 3rd and let the clutch out...

    If the back wheel just tries to lock instead of roll, up might need to bounce up and down a little bit...

    It shouldn't take too much of a hill to get you on your way...

  8. I know in a car, you need to have some charge left in the battery to get it going, I would assume it is the same in a bike.
  9. It wouldn't start, it wouldn't start, it wouldn't start ... then it did?

    I'm no mechanic (far from it :rofl: ), but I think I'd be checking for a dodgy connection somewhere, and I'd probably start with the battery leads and earth.

    (And I only know this 'cos I took my bike battery in to get a new one, to find out the old one was ferpectly good and it was dirty connections causing the trouble ... :facepalm: )
  10. Might of regenerated enough charge to start once it was left for a bit.
  11. battery not charging

    its not the battery but the regular rectifier, i had the same problem where my battery wasnt charging at all.so maybe get that checked out.
  12. Re: battery not charging


    Regulator = The honda man's achilles heel! :LOL:
  13. heyas,
    I pretty much had the same problem with my vn250, the pushn up the hill part. 1 week on the license, gaining abit of confidence and took it onto the main road to see how i go and 2nd set of traffic lights i broke down. Got embarrassed then pissed off, lol, and of course i was in the right hand lane. I stopped traffic to get to the side of the road, tried it again and she started. Here i am thinking, hmmm, maybe i should head home. Hit another set of traffic lights and there i am again, pushing to the left.

    Pulld into a car park and called a mate to let him know he may be picking me up in couple of minutes :p. Long story short, took me 15mins to get home, normally 5 mins away. Called my mechanic and he told me its a loose battery terminal, straight away. Sure enough took the bike apart, screwed the positive terminal in tight and bob's ur uncle. Dealer charged my battery before riding off on my new shiny instrument of wrx beating machine (thats a joke, folks, it was a vn250 :)) and didnt put it back in tightly.

    Well thats my story :) :) :)
    Ride safe all, James