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Bike Stack Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Stolen straight from aus.moto:


    Guy having some sort of vanity clip made of himself rides in a straight line for a minute with no issues, then loses the rear on the slightest of bends and ploughs into a brick wall, his loss of traction and stack are captured beautifully on camera.

    No idea what happened there, but it sure looks painful. Don't put the foot down, folks!

  2. geeees that really does look painful...makes a nice sound when he hits the pavement too!
  3. Ouch, guess the rider should consider themselves lucky they didn't go over the wall - looks like there's a bit of a drop on the other side
  4. geez..........can anyone guess as to what may have happened there? for learning purposes? maybe too much rear brake? i wanna know so that i never do that!

    boy does that look painful!
  5. Well that was intersting, didn't even appear to hit the brake.
  6. So, suspicious mind here.
    Why was this guy being being so closely filmed? And why was he so totally-kitted out? And why were we not shown the speedo so we could know what speed he was doing? Sorry, the crash looks dramatic, but also possibly staged at low speed and the film slightly speeded up to make it dramatic.
  7. looked the real deal to me based on the poor rider flying up and the state the bike is in as it goes out of shot. ouch, no more kids for that man. :shock:
  8. Now that's got to hurt...hopefully the rider ends up ok.

    Looks to me he could of recovered if he was riding more the the left of the but since he was filming he probably needed to stay the the right most.
  9. The story is, the footage was being taped for a German Bike tv show as the bike was being reviewed.
    He apparently dropped down a gear and let the clutch out causing a compression lock up of the back wheel.

    It was posted on another bike forum awhile back.
  10. Yeah, right. C'mon ya drongo, he flew a metre up in the air! What, you reckon they fitted an aftermarket ejection seat?
  11. Yep definitely the real deal ... I downloaded this bit of video from somewhere else a while ago ...

    Whadda dork ... nice lookin' whizbang bike .. cool lookin' kevlar insert gloves .. good Shoei helmet ... you-beaut Alpine Star leathers complete with knee sliders ... it's a shame he didn't spend a few of them $$$$ on a riding course .... sighhhhhhh

    Looks to me like the back end twitched from giving the wrist a bit of a flick and at that point he completely lost his composure and was doomed from then on coz it appears he had no idea what he was doing

    Ahhhh well ...
  12. Ah well there ya go .. the explanation comes up as I was typing my other post hehehe

    Compression lock-up huh .. yep in hindsight that looks more like it than too much gas ... ah well .. I still feel if he knew what he wuz doin' he'd have saved it and not hit that horribly hard lookin' wall :shock: :shock:
  13. I had a similar moment when still on my P's. Came up to a corner, had the rear lock-up when I changed down and step out a bit and first instinct was to get off the brake and the feet went out. At that point I target fixated on the gutter on the opposite side of the bend and headed straight for it.

    Luckily I managed to get back on the brakes in time and steer just enough to end up running in the gutter, but it was a definite pucker factor moment.

    Nowadays I hardly notice when the rear locks up or steps out a touch. Just keep the eyes pointed where I want to go.
  14. Learn to blip the throttle when down shifting, unless you have a slipper clutch, i do it every downshift through habit, but i wouldnt want a compression lock up when i hit the twisties, im rarely below 9,000 revs when gunning it.

    handy tip, if you dont panic that is :? .......... pull the clutch in as fast as you can if the rear wheel locks from compression when you downshift.
  15. He looked like he accelerated to show off to the camera, then realised there was a corner and dropped it back a gear to slow down and compression locked it up as was stated above, panicked and also as stated above, had no idea how to recover.

    Very lucky not to go over! Bet when he gets out of hospital he's going to watch that video a few times to work out where he went wrong!

    Oh, and Dale's idea about looking where you wanna go, lean the biatch over and just have a try at making it.

    You might not, but at least you went down trying! And if you do make it, man it feels good after you unpucker!
  16. I have a feeling he just got back up and dusted himself off