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Bike spotting during my commute home

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PeterPorker80, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Be warned, random spiel ahead...

    It's been a long time since I'd regularly taken my bike home to and from home to work but recent circumstances have changed and I'm now doing ~23km each way.

    What I'd forgotten being stuck in a train (or other modes of transport) was the fun of bike spotting during one's commute. Such an amazing assortment of bikes. Big bigs, small bikes in every colour. What even more fun is trying to keep up with other rides travelling in the same direction, leapfrogging each other while lane filtering or at the short clear runs without traffic. This is what keeps me entertained during my daily commute (and an NPR podcast on my iPhone).

    Today, I came to the boomgate of the car park at work (from the very bottom - the designated motorcycle spots is in the depths of hell itself... 14 ramps from the ground level!) and a CBR250 comes up from behind me and goes around the boomgate. (I guess it had never occurred to me to just disregard the boomgate but if my workplace was good enough to provide bike parking, may as well do as well use the pass they provide.) This guy can lane split! He was zipping along behind every gap and breakaway car he could find. It was tricky behind my larger bike but I was behind him all the way from the CBD (Sydney) to Glebe Pt Road.

    Anyway, the reason I was posting was because of this one bike I'd spotted while I was trying to catch up w/ the CBR. From Market St, where you go under Darling Park and out onto the ANZAC Bridge, I spotted this rather slim female rider on a big black bike that I was not quick enough to recognise. Likely because I was too busy gawking at her: redish flowing hair from out of the bottom of the helmet, and clad in an all black Dainese one-piece. She got stuck behind me after I changed into her lane and she was revving behind me while I waited for a gap to filter. Once we got it, she was off! Couldn't even get a glimpse from her upside down barend mirrors.

    So my random spiel comes to an end... and I'll close with this... when I was young and single and constantly on the prowl for the fairer gender, there were days where I'd chance upon a stunning lady, or even a pretty girl wearing a shirt of a band I like, or a girl who just had something about her... and I'm instantly smitten.

    Well it can also happen on a bike. I feel young again.
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  2. Nice, I like it. I also love bike spotting even when I'm not riding. I have found that not many people nod like I thought they would. But just seeing other bikes is awesome.
  3. Mate, great post. I can emapthise with you on the spotting...and the spotting.

    Commute when I can to work (75kms one way) on the bike, but I do more spotting while Im in the car. When I see a bike coming up the highway I'll ease off a bit to let it come up alongside me so I can check it out.

    Saw a female rider on a gorgeous Ducati Monster the other day. Did everything I could to keep up with her in the Getz...but she didnt even give me the faintest glimmer of a look.

  4. That brings me to a point of interest I have, being a female rider myself, but having recently cut off my long hair...is a dangling ponytail the only way to tell if a rider is a chick?
  5. Depends how tight your leather is.
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  6. Nice post Peter. Sitting in the cage in peak hour bikes just wiz past, but on the bike you get to check them out. Koopi, experience has proven to me that a ponytail or long hair is not how you spot a female rider. Many blokes out there with their hair flowing in the wind. The hair might be an indication, but their figure usually confirms it for me. I generally look at their 'rear end', or any other small (or big ;)) signs they might be female. Saying that, some females are less obvious than others.
  7. Just like twisties, curves are visible at a great distance and only get more enticing the closer you get to them.
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  8. Ha! I've found myself nodding at riders even when I'm not on my bike. It's all very Fight Club.
  9. Both can be very deadly too.
  10. My tight buns and long blonde wig have frustrated many a rider.
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  11. Ha ha Mick! Thanks for the hot image. My husband reckons now I've cut my hair that I look like boy on a bike.

    I also find myself looking out more for bikes when I'm driving than riding. The hint of a bike exhaust building to a loud rumble gets my head turning until I find the source!
  12. i would wanna hope not, i quite like my long hair... that said, i do occasionally get looks...
  13. You also have fantastic boobies Necros. Even if you do insist on wearing headphones on them.
  14. the headphones are only there because the mods would make me take it down if they weren't... and i couldn't deprive the lovely people here of such nice boobs
  15. How about making it animated? That would probably make NR not safe for work.
  16. Love the opening post :)
    It can begreat watching a guy in leathers on his bike making his way through traffic.

    Hair is no indicator whether one is female or not. Just today I was followed by a guy with his long hair sticking out of his helmet (mmmh, nice view in my mirrors!).
    My leather must not be tight enough as I was addressed with 'boy' a few months ago by a ute driver.
    Honestly, I don't care much whether others can see whether I'm female or not, as long as I'm having fun! :)
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  17. That's true Nina, just being out there is still the biggest thrill atm.
  18. Cause that would make it go from a very classy photo, to a very tacky one, very quickly.
  19. It can be quite funny seeing the look on a blokes face when, he realises he's been rounded up and passed by a 'chick'.
  20. mmmm tacky mmmmm