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Bike Spa - Automated Bike Wash Machine

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. As a consumer I probably wouldn't use it until a whole pile of questions were answered in my mind. The stuff needed to clean the wheels is fundamentally different to the stuff needed to clean the paint and windscreen etc. Therefore I would be a little suspect about letting my machine just disappearing into a machine to hopefully come out clean. Also I am quite discriminatory about where I squirt and don't squirt water when I'm cleaning the bike, I wouldn't want water just sprayed randomly everywhere. I make sure I rotate the wheels to ensure they are evenly cleaned, which seems like something a machine couldn't do. Lot's of questions I would need answered.

    Just my 0.02, however an interesting concept.
  2. 53134126.

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  3. Justus, I ride in the rain, but wouldn't let a high pressure washer near my bike. So the questions are legitimate.
  4. You do know that hitting rain drops at 80km/h is about the same as a pressure washer yeah? :)
    Agreed, not at a side angle like this machines. Put I cannot imagine it passing over your bike and back from side-on would get to anywhere that you wouldn't normally be reached by hand washing.
  5. It takes like 5 mins to wash the bike and get a decent result so don't see the point in this. Also whenever I wash the bike it rains for a week so my bike is dirty most of the time. Oh the joys of riding everyday in most weather conditions :)
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  6. Exactly, if a pressure washer is doing as good a job as hand washing, that water is getting forced into places it shouldn't be.
  7. Huh? I cannot understand that. There is plenty of places that a hand or brush cannot get into that water - rain or washer - can get into. And often the pressure washer his used for exactly that reason.
  8. Rain water will not get into places a pressure washer can force water.
  9. Yup, I use a pressure washer, but I use it carefully. The rims tend to get blasted but for example around the dash area I don't let water from the blaster hit it. The problem with this set up is that it is indiscriminate. But hey if I had a bullet proof bike a long way from home in a truly disgusting condition, I might be tempted. It just wouldn't be default means of cleaning a motorcycle.
  10. Jasus! If this machine can take out the bins too, then I'd make it my wife!
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  11. I use an auto wash on the car, if it was possible to use an auto wash on the bike I'd wash my bike more often.

    Yeah, yeah... I know harley riders are supposed to spend their weekends polishing their bikes but I'm too busy for that shit!
  12. Yeah, having the same detergent(and especially wax) squirted everywhere is my biggest concern with this machine as well. But the idea is neat though.
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  13. As a daily commuter through all weather, my bike often looks like shit.

    If there was a 5 minute automatic washer that was half decent I'd use it for sure. Not looking for a fully detailed result, just a quick wash to get all the crap off that my bike accumulates in the wet is all that's required.

    Saying that, I do like washing my bike with the kids when it stays clean for more than 20 seconds.
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  14. I thought this wash was good.. don't mind the stack at the end :)

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  15. Wow....nice bike wash bay, that's for sure. Like the lifting feature, that's neat.

    Wet tyres? a bit of foam on the tyre? What do you reckon was the cause of that crash....I mean he was only going very slow.
  16. Yeah, I was trying to figure that out a as well.
  17. Maybe a combo of wet/soapy tire and that black stuff on the roundabout.
  18. I think I will stick to washing by hand at home using cleaning products that I know at least then you tend to notice loose or worn things more readily

    Not too mention not having to ride home on tires covered in spray on wax like in the video

    Washing hot discs with cold water will not end well in the long term (possible warping)
  19. When I ride from home to the car wash my disk are barely warmer than ambient, certainly they are LOTS cooler than the exterior of the motor.

    I really can't see that being a problem unless you're going for a decent sports ride and then washing your bike (surely you'd wash it before you left?).