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Bike smashed, lost license, and some facts. (long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. here's why i shouldn't have bothered to fix my bike:

    I had an accident last night, in which I was doing some wrong things, but the other guy was still at fault. I'm not expecting sympathy, nor a lecture for the things I was doing wrong. Just telling you a story, in full, and honestly wether the wrong or right things.

    Firstly, some facts:

    The scene was attended by fire, ambulance, and police, (police called by me)

    I am on a restricted licence, I got fined $113 for carrying a pillion.

    I got fined $332 and lost my (restricted, that I've had for 5 days :oops:), licence for 6 months for blowing 0.078. So the 0.00 on restricted thing is wrong. So that settles some arguments on here.

    We were only moving the bike 100m, neither of us were wearing helmets (stupid, and +1 for the wear them even if you're going to the shops brigade!!!)
    Yes I learnt a lesson here and we both consider ourselves very lucky boys

    P plate driver will be getting the following:
    Leaving the scene of an accident.
    Dangerous driving.
    Failing to stop at a red light.
    Was not around to get breath tested, even though he was also drunk by the admission of his friends.

    Now for the story

    Took off on King St from footpath adjacent to Bourke St?
    Stopped at red light facing south at the ligths Lt Bke St, slightly over the thick white line. We heard that uncomfy screech behind us, turned around, I tried to ride sideways and out of the way, but we were still impacted from the rear at a speed witnesses guess about 40km/h.

    My pillion managed to land on his feet to the side of the impact, while I was thrown over the handlebars, onto my feet, but then unfortunately the car pushed the bike on to the top of my left ankle and pinned it, throwing me forwards on my back. Everyone was really good and came straight over to check we were ok.... most people were screaming OH MY GOD while we stood shocked in the middle of the intersection, then moved the bike.

    Approximately 70-100 people saw this!!! (It was King St bouncers came over and all). As the car pulled over to exchange details, 3 male asians got out and one female. He was quite happy to say he was at fault, let's just leave and sort it tomorrow. Then it went wrong. 3 carloads of asians pulled over, got out, and surrounded me and the pillion, shouting, F*** YOU MAN, NO HELMETS, BETTER GET A LAWYER, YOU WEREN'T INDICATING!!! (To which I replied, dude it's no right turn and I was stopped at the lights, indicator wasn't needed, and SEVERAL, rather large drunken aussies started yelling, helmets a seperate thing idiot, you're f****, you ran the red, we all saw it, YOU get a lawyer. At which point several of the asians started to take on a threatening demeanour, (without being racist I ain't messin' with asians in the city).

    I didn't get his number, we have each others names and addresses though, and after exchanging details, a mate of his snatched up his front bumper and plate, put it in his car and dissappeared. He said let's sort it tomorrow, how's your bike, I went over, it was f****, turned around, he's gone too. Plenty of witnesses, bouncers, and patrons, and severa stayed around for the police: who then weren't interested because only one bloke had a partial plate, so he was the closest to a "qualified witness". Now I made an error by not getting anyones numbers for insurance purposes, so I might be screwed.

    In summary, I stuffed up, glad me and my pillion are ok.
  2. :(

  3. Oh yeah, boy do I have some, I wish I hadn't of... stories.

    By the way my jumper got less damage than when I stacked in my DriRider. weird...
  4. hindsight......mmmmm foresight would have been much better.
    Glad to see no-one was hurt mate but honestly.. FFS over the legal limit (restriction or not) no helmet, and carrying a pillion.... Tell me flexorcist, at what point do you draw the line between mistke and just flat out d*ckhead? I made some "mistakes" when I was young, hindsight has made me realise they weren't mistakes, they were sheer acts of stupidity fueled by alcohol and male ego.... sometimes the best lessons are learnt the hard way... welcome to the school of experience
  5. Wow, what a shitty roll of the dice.
  6. That's just it, shouldn't have rolled hey...

    I'd have a guilty concience if I stacked the bike. I did the wrong thing. I have done it several times, and I'm just peeved off that if it's going to go wrong, at least I'd learn a lesson if I hurt myself, not someone else running a red.
  7. Firstly, I'm glad you're OK.

    But I have nothing but RAGE for anyone who drink drives/rides :evil:
  8. dude if you don''t think you have a lesson to learn, I pity you. If you were being responsible to yourself and the pillion you wouldn't have been in a situation where some cager (obviously also over the limit) running a red light would have cleaned you up.
  9. helmet, license, 0.00, no passenger, result wouldn't have differed much.
  10. Good luck for the future mate.
  11. thanks man... hope you're not being sarcastic though, i do understand your point. everything i do f**s up and goes wrong, wether i make a right or a wrong choice, so this is no different. there's learning a lesson and then there's accepting the fact that failure is imminent and just having fun while it lasts!!!
  12. Shit! I can't believe you'd do something so stupid. However, I'm glad to hear you and your pillion are ok.

    Can't really blame the stupid cager. We all know that none of them watch where they're going. You f'ed up, plain and simple. Lesson is, don't f'k up again. :wink:

    Now that I've got that off my chest, how bad is the bike? Did you have full comp. insurance?
  13. i know you are thinking it yourself right now, but i gotta say it.

    you were a bloody idiot.

    there are two ways to learn stuff in this world bennos, either by watching other peoples mistakes, or making those mistakes yourself.

    until you realise that you arent superman you will continue to learn via your own mistakes. you would still be healing from a broken jaw?!?!

    so -
    give yourself an uppercut for the following offences
    no helmet
    carrying a pillion
    and the worst fcuking part is not giving your pillion a helmet :evil:

    no hard feelings though, you know you messed up.....hope you get it all sorted without too much hassle :)
  14. ah flexorcist many of us where just like you at your age, so long as you survive to tell your tales thats what counts.
    They say experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.
    re King St, its all on HDD nearly every square inch, unlike the mad late 80's and early 90's, a company called Safecity monitor and record it.
  15. You haven't learnt any lessons.

    Glad you and you're pillion are ok but no sympathy from here.
  16. What shits me about your story Flexorcist is the blatant liars in this world who screw others over who aren't at fault. I'm not sure about your chances of the police being able to do anything because if they were prepared to get out of the car and say it was your fault that they rear ended you and start threatening you then there's a good chance you were given an incorrect name and address and number plate (which once happened to a family member of mine - lesson: take the number plate down yourself and not trust them). You did things wrong and admitted to it so we'll leave it at that.
  17. yes


    i did offer, if i take a pillion i'll always give them the helmet, i'm not gonig to stack and hurt them and not myself, wrong or not, i have some kind of concience.

    been doing a lot of that lately... get in trouble with the police once, your life is much harder for it on a consistent basis. especially on an incident like this when you have to explain why you were at a police station earlier that day.

    Read OP, I don't want sympathy. I know I won't learn from this.... but do you know why I posted??? Maybe some other noob thinking of doing the same thing might. Like someone said b4 you either learn from your own mistakes or someone elses..... I teach a lot of people in that respect just don't learn myself.
  18. Then I hope they throw your licence away indefinately ](*,)
  19. Good for you Flex for posting this and admitting
    your mistakes,I dont need to say much more
    you already been roasted,
    But as you said,I hope some other young riders read it and
    take it all in and dont repeat the same mistakes,cos you cant rewind your life and undo your stuff ups,you have to live with them,
    this time you were lucky,maybe the next stuff up will cost dearly,
    Young Riders take note and LEARN from this.
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