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bike slip gear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by n4spd, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. my kymco 125 quannon bike tends to change gear by itself, say while i am going on gear 5 and it would suddenly drop to gear 4, engine rave, then it seems to go back to gear 5 again. it will happen a few times a week. is it something expensive to fix? usually how much? i plan to get it fixed by mechanic the next time the bike is due for a service is it OK to do nothing about it now? thanks,

  2. it's the effect of the e's
  3. Could be a simple thing, like a shift drum detent issue, needing clutch cover removal at approx 1Hr plus any parts, gasket & oil. But it could be something more major if cause lies in gearbox, which would require full engine strip. Then again could be an external problem causing poor gear shifting, such as clutch adjustment, bent gear lever hitting on casing, poorly positioned/adjusted gear lever, seized gear lever pivot from lack of grease(if linkage type), rider error.

    If it's only happening a few times a week then it doesn't sound too bad, so it's probably safe to wait until your next service. Though I'd recommend getting it checked asap,
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  5. are you sure its changing gear? maybe its just a slipping clutch?
  6. Yes bikes will pop up OR down a gear, but not pop down AND back up again.

    I'd say you are getting momentary clutch slip. Hence the higher raves. It's probably doing it when you are putting the bike under load, e.g. lugging up an incline.

    Check your clutch adjustment. i.e. you level should have a bit of freeplay.

    If it does and the clutch is still slipping, then you have a problem.
  7. A kymco 125 is not a bike

    Disco biccies
  8. hi thanks for all the thoughts. i will get it serviced next week and get this issue checked as it doesn't feel safe, i just thought i would use the cheapest bike for my L, thanks again.