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Bike sizing....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tazjamez, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Dude, yep! You should be in the circus!

  2. Naaa, it's just ok....it's only 15 months..

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  3. Looks cool...Get on ride away..

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  1. Hi!
    First time poster, long time stalker.
    Going for my L's and keen on the VTR250 - since I've read here that it is one of the bigger 250's.... But, I've jumped on one...and my mate took a picture...what do you think?? Too small? I'd look bigger with riding gear on...

  2. Firstly how tall are you, what state are you in and is the sitting position comfortable?

    If you are in a LAMS approved state you can buy bigger bikes that would suit you better.

    Is it uncomfortable with your legs bending so much? Can you get your foot onto the gear lever and easily change gears?

    I wouldn't say the VTR is one of the larger 250s, from what I have seen its pretty small, only a bit bigger than the CBF250. Make sure you go an see if you can sit on a Suzuki Across, I saw one the other day and they are quite big.
  3. winding up the pre-load on the rear shock will help.
  4. I don't think the VTR250 is one of the bigger bikes - I think it is more for us vertically challanged - I started out on the VTR250 as there wasn't much I could fit on (being only 5'2") - they are an easy and forgiving bike to learn on though.
  5. Mate, I ride a ZZR 250 and at 182cm & 90kg's I look bigger on my bike than you do in that pic, but meh, I am still having fun and enjoying the bike and thats what matters, not what you look like. (although alot will disagree with me).

    As you say, if you are upgrading in 15 months, what does it matter, the VTR is a great bike to learn on, you will love it.

    Go for it I say ! :biker:
  6. I wouldn't be too fussed about bulk. All of the naked bikes (from the VTR250 to the Ducati Monster to the Speed Triple 1050) tend to look a bit tiny beneath the rider due to the lack of fairings 'n whatnot.

    A few friends have commented that my bike looks a bit small beneath me, but the same friends said that the CBR, for example, looked like a circus gorilla on a tricycle, so what can you do? (Upgrade to a Triumph Tiger, Spots!)

    The physically bulkiest and largest sporty 250 I can think of is the Hyosung GT250R, if bulk is an issue.

    But I do wuv my VTR250. It's lightweight, with a very broad useable rev range, it makes V-twin thumpathumpa noises, handles well, cheap to insure.

    I say go for it. ;) 's only 15 months, anyway.
  7. Dude, you're not that huge. You'll looked a bit big, but remember unless you are Dani Pedrosa you'll look huge on a 250.
  8. Thanks for the input - am about 6'5" ~ 90 kgs - based in Victoria.
    I'm going for my L's in 4 weeks and can't wait!!! :cool:
    I'd love to skip buying a 250 and just get something that fits (like a Triumph Tiger :twisted: ).
    I don't really need a bike, since my commute (15km's in to work) is either by push bike or train. But a big bike would be soooo nice.
  9. Does it need to be a "sports" bike? Maybe a cruiser would have more room?
  10. It wasn't that comfortable with my legs bent that much... Should it be? I've had two knee op's so my knee flexibility is sh*t.
    I think the learning course that I am on (HART) has CB250's - so it will be interesting to give that a go.
  11. When I had my VTR250, I was 6' and 90kg. (Well, I'm still 6', but under 90kg now). You'll be right for 18 months or so. You might have to stretch your legs out a bit more than someone shorter.

    +1 to upping the rear preload.
  12. Hey Scottatron... naa doesn't have to be a "sports" bike... as long as it's comfortable while I'm restricted on my 250..

    Ultimately, I want something like a BMW R1200 GS or the Triumph Tiger...
    One of my best mate is selling his VTR250 (2005/blue/od 22k/~5-6k) and I know the history of the bike.. But from what I have read I shouldn't be spending too much on a 250 (more $$ to be on good quality riding gear) and save up for the bike I really, really want...
  13. Agreed. I'm also 6'5" and i ride a zzr250. I look big on it compared to the norm but hey when your our height here arnt a whole lot of options out there.. If your having fun who cares if you dont look like pedrosa on his honda. I wanted a faired bike so i tried the gpx,zzr,across. Went with the zzr because it looks better than the gpx and has a bigger tank than the across.

    I did my L's at HART and you wont have a problem riding the cb250's. Very comfortable, not cramped and easy to ride.

    Good luck with it and nice VTR by the way :cool:
  14. I'm only 6'1" and i find the cb250's unbearably small. I kept getting cramps mid ride during my QRIDE course.
  15. where is dude i don't care??
  16. Looks fine to me :wink:
    Your legs fit into the tank fine, if it feels good do it
  17. If you're worried about size an Across would be good.
  18. Dont stress, we all had to do it....Once your off the "P" get on to something more appropriate. For now..just go with the punches....... :shock: