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Bike Show Photos (Autosalon was also a bike show this year)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MattyB, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. heres the link to all 90 shots (70% cars, 30% bike-other) http://s58.photobucket.com/albums/g279/MBImaging/

    note: these photos were taken in low lit, cramped conditions, the use of my 50mm 1.8 helped alot with the lighting, but was fairly hard to use considering the crowds (being primed at 50mm)

    heres a couple of the bike ones for you lot, enjoy!

  2. A real photographer would not have had a problem with using the 50mm 1.8 in low light.

    You need lessons :)
  3. Bling bling Kerching :!:

    May be I should check this out. :)
  4. C'mon Vic, let it go!!!!

    Looks like most of the exhibitors subscribe to the dictum of the famous Stroker McGurk; "If it don't go, chrome it..."
  5. sorry, i should've taken witches hats, police tape and some 'muscle' with me to stop the crowd blocking my shots as if i were to get a car in the full frame i'd have to stand ontop of the car on the other side of the isle, :p

    yeah #CAS# i predict bikes are going to be a hell of alot more popular in the coming years with petrol prices and what not, i also predict they'll start charging bikes on the citylink as more of then pop up.
  6. Matty,

    Just another example of why you shouldnt bag people for doing something that you have limited knowledge in.

    Happy shooting bruddah :)
  7. where is that thread, i want to read what i said again :\
    i don't think i 'bagged' someone :\
    possibly gave suggestions and it was taken the wrong way?
  8. ok, i read the thread and i remember now lol
    apologys for not apologising straight off the bat when you blokes took it out of context
    i suppose the fact that i don't know any of you personally could play a part in reading my replys differently to how i intended.

    i wasn't being a smart arse, or wasn't trying to be.

    back on topic, there wasn't really that many bikes there, but it was worth going to seeing as my mates had their cars entrying anyway, and i wanted to see weapon x and ken hell.
    hopefully next year will have more bikes.. netrider should organise a club entry (more than 6 bikes = you get your own stand area, cheaper bike entry, and in the draw for certain trophys) would be fun, i'd support it all the way :D
  9. vic is like the mafia, when you get whacked you don't know what hit you :rofl:
  10. yeah there wasnt a huge bike representation.. but to see gilesy's bike there i was stoked.. the SP stood out.. and obviously the cstome paint jobs and that R1 out on its own were pretty hot.. i too had problems taking pis with the people and lighting.. ive only got a shit camera though.

  11. what show were you at :p