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Bike Shops in Sydney? & Gear Reccomendations?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robeel, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. hey guys,

    hopefuly be Finally buying a bike tomorrow & need some gear soon.

    which shops are good in sydney? good range of gear/brands & prices?

    won't be getting my license till about 2 weeks so riding gear can wait a bit but would like to get at least a bike cover & maybe disc lock alarm as don't have lock up garage, will be undercover though.

    any reccomendations for a good bike cover & alarm disc lock? how much?

    will the bike cover be able to fit in a backpack or under a pillion seat? bike will be outside at work with no cover so would like to protect it.

    & will i get much of a discount on gear if i buy helmet, jacket, gloves, etc. all together?

    also any reccomedations for wet weather gear? will be riding to work everyday at least for a few months & don't want to be soaking wet all day.

    budget is around $700 for helmet, jacket few hunge, etc... will i be better off buying some things like gloves OS? where from?
    any help is much appreciated.

  2. Buying from the USA is always cheaper when it comes to motorcycle gear, and cheaper still with our dollar so strong.
    But, locally I've always found Action Motorcycles to be good with gear. Their Berik clearance sale is ongoing also.
  3. If buying a stack of gear you should get 10% off.

    Try Aldi or supercheap auto for bike covers. I've seen them in both and probably cheaper than a MC shop.

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. MCA out at liverpool was good when i used to live in sydney... i think there might be one at parramatta aswell
  5. The Parramatta MCAS is now at Parramatta Road Auburn - they generally have a good range of clearance stuff upstairs - if you're out there have a look upstairs first - most of the stuff is just last season or not popular etc, I'm not too fussed about how stuff looks so long as it fits right and is not pink or something. Otherwise I've been known to wear ladies jackets as they were half the price of the mens ones in the same brand/style.

    You should be able to get pretty good prices if you are buying a lot of stuff from the one store, I wouldn't be too fussed about getting bits and pieces from overseas with a hope of saving yourself $20 bucks or something. I think buying from overseas would be more worthwhile once to you start to replace the odd piece or two.

    I ride each day and have a summer and winter jacket - summer jacket comes with a "waterproof" liner that is acceptable for the odd day of rain, and the liner fits easily into a pocket so easy to carry around and make sure you are not caught out in bad weather. I have a cheap but good pair of waterproof textile pants (r-jays $99) that do the job on days when the rains coming down hard, but otherwise just have a pair of those cheap plastic overpants (about $20 from Rays outdoors) so long as your commute isn't too long I find these the better alternative - no need to change pants at work etc, just roll off the overpants let em dry and they're good for the ride home again.

    Best of luck
  6. thanks for the help guys.

    the overpants sound good robbie, will a textile dririder or similar jacket be alright to keep me dry?

    work is only about 15-20 minutes by car so shouldn't be too bad.

    might go past parra as bikebiz & action are close, can check out both. will these two be better then, mcas auburn, lane cove sydney city MC's is only about 10mins. away & helmet wharehouse has some good deals but are a bit far.
  7. A good textile jacket should keep you dry, at this time of year I would probably suggest a winter one with a removeable thermal liner, shouldn't be too hot for the rest of the season anyway and you'll really appreciate it in the winter. Might be able to save yourself a few bucks too if you look out for summer jacket in the middle of winter.

    I think bikebiz and action in Parra have a good range of stuff but my experience with them has been poor (to be polite) particularly at Bikebiz, still to each his own and if suits you, all's good.

    Never been the to helmet warehouse but have heard some good things about them and their prices.
  8. i went to mcas on sunday but got there late so didn't have a lot of time, will go back this weekend. looked like a good store though, only thing was they wouldn't drop the price on the shoei xr1100 from $850 & i've read others getting it for close to $700.

    went to bikebiz today tried on a lot of lids, will probably get the shoei or maybe shark rsr2 carbon. they wanted $850 too but said if i buy a few things they will give a better deal. tried on a few jackets as well but they felt uncomfortable, guess i have to get used to it.

    what do you guys think of the Ixon jackets? i think it was the Attack jacket i tried, was a bit tight & heavy but felt very protected.

    any reccomendations for jackets that are a bit more comfortable? i hate real tight clothes.

    also anyone bought from shoei.com.au? good service, do they send out quick?

  9. After wearing a textile dririder jacket for a year and having recently bought a leather alpinestars jacket there's no guessing which will offer more protection when needed.

    If they won't budge on the xr1100 then get a xr1000 for half the price, I've had one for 8 months and very happy with it. If you want a very light helmet that's comfortable to wear then get a Takamii.
  10. I felt like the Michellin (sp?) man as well when I was trying on jackets... I'm a newb as well but from what I gather jackets are meant to be snug - no point having elbow guards if the jacket is loose enough for them to budge and therefore not cover an impact point if you slide...
  11. That's exactly right Devotchka. Style should come second to safety when choosing the appropriate safety gear to wear when riding a PTW.

    It is in your best interests to choose a brightly coloured and well fitting jacket, pants, boots, gloves and full face helmet so as to be seen and be safe.
  12. ... you forgot the fluro vest mate!!...:wink:

    .. for that added Je nes sais quois.....
  13. Tweetster you're 100%.

    Now fluoro might look a little daggy, bit if you are a "real" motorcyclist, not just somebody doing it as a fashion statement, you should be able to recognise that it has real safety benefits for all PTW riders, big and small.

    A day glo vest is a very sensible way to stand out from the crowd and be seen in heavy traffic.
  14. You were more fun before...just sayin'...
  15. There's fun and then there's sensible. One of these days you will grow up and realise that you can say no to what's 'cool' and still be happy.
  16. bikebiz have the rsr2 carbon on special for $500. superseded stock, but still a great deal.
  17. Superseded doesn't sound very safe to me. I strongly caution anyone from buying helmets or safety gear from bikebiz paramatta, they sell superseded goods.
  18. i guess you replace all your gear once a year then.
  19. It's safest that way. The fact you don't tells me you are not a proper motorcyclist.
  20. Does that mean I have to by a new car each year. My 2 year old car has been superceeded and must be crap now eh?