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Bike Shops in Ringwood (UPDATE)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Tommrow I am going Bike hunting, So could somebody please list the Bike Dealers in Ringwood Please.

    Thanks Tim

  2. Clipstone Yamaha
    Peter Stevens
    Nova Honda+Ducati
  3. I know that Nova, Yamaha & Peter Stevens are on Maroondah Hwy. but where is A1, I haven't seen it before
  4. Just after nova honda and before peter stevens on the left

    (Heading towards the city)
  5. Turn down the side street beside peter stevens. A1 and bike mart are both there. Bike Mart is gear only.
  6. Bike mart is tops for gear. See brian hes a great bloke. And you will find plenty of shops all near each other there. Just park the car and walk.. And tim, good luck and have fun.. dont make it a chore, enjoy your time..
  7. Heading west on Maroondah, you pass Clipstone then PS, then there's a little side street (Olive Gve IIRC) then a carpark with some shops around the edge - A1 and Bikemart (great for all your accessories) are in there.
  8. Thanks guys, Its just a flying visit as I only have about an hour to spare. but I thought I would just go out and see whats around. :grin:

  9. best give Clipstone a miss then...it's not unusual to stand around like a shag on a rock for twenty minutes or so...that leaves you with only 40 minutes to look at bikes where people actually want to help you :)
  10. Just a quick question, I have never sat on a bike before. Is there any trick/ procedure on how to get on and sit on a sports/naked or cruiser ?
  11. Carefully..! :grin: Damage it, and it will be yours, even if you don't want it :LOL:
  12. Preferably without knocking the thing over in the showroom - you break, you pay :p

    Have you never ridden a bicycle???

    Stand to the left. Lift right leg over bike (without touching it) & place bottom on seat. Put feet onto pegs & hands onto grips. Smile - 'cos you won't wanna get off :grin:
  13. UPDATE

    Okay I have just returned. I'll give you a rundown of my experience's in the order I visited them.

    Nova Honda/ Ducati

    Walked in and was served by a salesmen in the first 1 minute, didn't mind talking even though I wasn't buying then.

    Overall. Recommended,I would buy a bike from them, Nice shop & Salesmen.


    I dont know if I caught them on a bad day, One point to them for saying hello, but then the salesmen walked off. Seemed to have friends in there and seemed more interested in talking to them.

    Overall. Not Sure, May go back and give them a second shot.

    Peter Stevens

    Two salesmen were out the front washing bikes, they looked friendly so I asked about the bike I was looking at. Got offered to come back when I was ready to buy, and he will go through the bikes with me (sit on them etc).

    Overall Recommended I would buy a bike from them, Nice shop & Salesmen.

    Clipstone Yamaha

    Need I say anymore, waste of time. Another older guy was in there when I walked in (dont know how long he and been there) and walked out without being served just before me. Obviously not interested because I wasn't buying an R1.

    Overall Not Recommended Dont waste your time.
  14. I think that's fairly accurate.

    Of my dealings with the Ringwood shops, I'd tend to agree, except that I found A1 to be a little more helpful (it's where I ended up buying my bike). Or then again, maybe I got them when their friends weren't around?

  15. So so true!!!!!!! :)
  16. I have know, got a major problem. Which bike?

    I like the VN250, ZZR250 (nice one at A1, but it was sold :( ), VTR250 & maybe the Hornet (not sure on that one).

    I thought going to look at them would help but it didn't
  17. test ride!!
  18. Tim - when do you think you'll be in a position to buy ?
  19. I found A1 in ringwood too be 1 of the worst bikes shops I went too.
    Looking to buy new bike all cashed up and I couldnt get anyone to serve me.
    Found that A1 brighton was great they were more than help full.
    Must got them when they had freinds around as well.
    I will never buy a bike from A1 now, ohh well there loss.
  20. Im looking at a bandit 250 tomorrow at A1...they are giving me a good price on a trade in for mine as Im so over the cruiser thing.No odffence but im not going to stick with it when i upgrade.
    They are letting me test the bandit but want to sell it for $5000.
    All the other same models with around same k's are going cheaper around town so will they be up for the haggle.

    Lets see what happens.
    Ive heard some bad shit about A1 in ringwood, and they are laying it on thick with bikes until they found out I was a NEtrider and in retail and the tune changed slightly.
    Lets see how tomorrows test ride goes.....

    The Hornet they have there looks like it been dropped all over the place....big ding on tank all the levers and bars and peg.....engine too.
    Yuk what a turn off.....nice bike though shame about the damage.