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Bike shopping...No more !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by I'm Simon, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Put the deposit on a ZZR this morning....also picked up the helmet...KBC VR-2, new leather jacket & gloves.

    Ok ... I know it is only a ZZR ...but it is MY ZZR

    Big shout out and thanks to Vic and Port80 who checked and test rode the bike for me...you guys are gentlemen and made the whole experience less daunting...my shout next time I see you.

    Pick the bike up this week so hopefully will get to meet some more of you friendly NR's at a coffee nite soon.

    :biker: WOO HOO !!!
  2. :woot: :dance: Congrats! Love it as much as you can! :dance: :dance: :biker:
  3. 'Only a zzr', my arse. They're hella fun :D enjoy!
  4. Congrats Hopper!!
    Many happy miles.

    Just don't love it like Seany loves his... eeew
  5. Well, it does have twin pipes :shock: :shock:

  6. Makes two of us!!

    i get mine this sunday!!! :grin:

    not from a dealer but a 2001 :) should be a blast!!
  7. Hey Don't know the ZZR Mate. Treat her right and she will server you well.
  8. Great to see it all went well. It was my first ride on a ZZR, I was a little surprised at the handling, better than I would have expected. Love to see it at Monday Coffee night in a couple of weeks ( won't get to this weeks with the sick kiddies).

    Apart from the KBC, what brand gear did you get?
  9. Hey Vic...Did you sell him a can of spray lube as well :grin:
  10. Hhahahahhah, good idea.

    I didn't but if he want's to save $10 on retail I'm sure I can hook him up with on :grin:
  11. Meaning what ?
  12. Hey Port....bought an AGV leather jacket and gloves ...I was happy with the fit and price ...all went well, thanks again for your help...especially giving up family time..hope the kids are well.
  13. congrats Random...enjoy :)
  14. Are you suggesting a threesome? :wink: :rofl:
  15. Hopper, hope you enjoy your ZZR as as i enjoy mine. Congrats to you and random.
  16. Congrats on your purchase Hopper.
  17. oh thank fcuk you finally bought a bike :grin:
    any longer waiting and i think i would have given birth :rofl:

    now get your ass to coffee :p
  18. he he ...nothin like a little procrastination .... should be at Willy coffee tomorrow week...will spend this week grannying around the local streets. :oops: