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Bike shop trade in price

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. I got a trade in price recently to see where i'm at with a possible new bike purchase;

    1/ Trade in value on new bandit was $6200.00

    2/ Trade in value on new cb1300 was $6300.00

    Conclusion , keep bike and bike shops are a pack of funkin rip of merchants, worse than caryards.

    I'm not prepared to rip up that much mullar, not yet anyway.My bike was ten new +orc , worth about high eights now.

    Anyone else been had by a dealer ?
  2. Well if it's worth high 8's and they offered you low 6's what's the problem?

    If it's $2.5k margin, after discounts to the final buyer it's maybe $1.8k at best. For all you know it might sit on their yard for 4 months before it sells. How do you think they make money? IMO it's not to bad an offer. You could always sell it for $7.5k and it should be a quick sale for you?

    The trade in value for my car was $22k. It was 1.5yrs old and $43k brand new. THAT is something to cry about about LOL.
  3. click here for a serious reality check bud.... they were actually kind to you.
  4. Red book is the biggest load of rubbish there is.. Dealers use it to jusitfy their prices and rip people off. So many figures are way off real world prices its not funny.
  5. Maybe I missed the part where the OP was trying to trade in a GSX650F, as opposed to a Bandit or a CB1300
  6. If you were hoping the dealer would offer you retail value for your bike you're dreaming. Businesses are there to turn a profit. If you haven't learnt that by your age you have no hope.
    Imo they offered you a reasonable trade in price. You could have also haggled to improve the deal.
  7. He is trading in a GSX650F, the prices are what the dealer is willing to give for the GSX650F if he buys a CB1300 or a Bandit.
  8. So there you go, I was missing the part *shuffles off in the distance*
  9. You lose so much on trade in as you don't have to sell it yourself. You just walk in, they give you a price, they look at it then give you the cash, you walk out.. well pretty much ;)

    If you don't want to be ripped off so much you might want to remember the first 1mm you do on a new bike out the dealer door faces the most hardcore depreciation.

    Selling a new bike? Of course you'll lose alot compared to what you bought it for. Selling it to a dealer? Even more of a loss.

    IMO keep it for a few more years until selling it doesn't seem so much of a rip off.
  10. Like many (most?) things in life it's a money/time tradeoff: you're paying for the time and hassle you save. Mind you, you can buy a lot of my time for 2 grand - how about you? So the moral of the story is, sell privately, then buy privately! Or, sell privately and take cash to a dealer and haggle hard, if you want a new bike. (But I always advise against new bikes.) Unless, of course, you have so much money and so little time that the convenience of a direct changeover at a dealer is worthwhile for you... but if that was the case you wouldn't have started this thread. QED
  11. But yeah, even selling privately you'll be soaking up a 3 grand loss on (IIRC) about 3 months. Ouch. Won't say "If you'd listened to my widely proferred advice and bought a second hand bike in the first place..." Oops, just did, but it's not applicable because the GSX650F is new on the market so there wasn't an option.

    So again, unless you have the cash to burn you'd be better of hanging onto it for a year or two as phizog suggests. You could bling it up a bit and get some performance mods if you wanted to and still come out ahead of what you'd lose on a changeover now...

    (/me stfus now)
  12. A relative in the industry traded in an 05 fireblade the other day for 4.5k. And the guy was happy to take it.
  13. Why are you trading in the Suzuki so soon? I thought you loved it :shock:
  14. Hmm - guess one of the benefits of working in the industry would be the possibility of picking up deals for oneself...
  15. im currently looking at selling my '00 ZX6R ( had it since '02) again and upgrading to a Firestorm or VFR (still uncertain at mo). Ive put my bike up for sale in the classifieds three times since 2005 and havent received a single call from a private buyer.......but i do end up getting a call or text from a dealer after a week or so.....no thanks. i reckon im asking a reasonble price too.......$4.5k for what its worth. obviously, the glut of 600 sports in the market doesnt help, or maybe i just cant write a decent ad. but i hate bike dealers......the most annoying people to do business with imo.

    but then, a career traveller mate of mine who returned after spending 2 years in sth america buys an '02 r6 in october last year for $5.7k and then puts it in the paper 2 weeks before he leaves (left last week) and gets $6.3k for it just like that. i told him he needed a zit-faced teen who just got off his Ps and creams himself once he saw the bike to come his way............and thats what the lucky **** got in the end.

    point is, there always seem to be more bikes than buyers in the 2nd hand bike market. if you're not in a rush to sell, put it in the classifieds and see what happens. otherwise accept the lower trade-in.

    a side question.........what are posters thoughts about test-rides in private sales? would you allow it?
  16. Get a Busa and be done with it you trade up quicker then I do :shock: :LOL:

    I payed $10,300 Rideaway.

    So after 3-6 months this is the way I see it and what I think would be far on my bike.

    Its got $400 less on the rego...
    Say they added $1000 in the price for warrenty so less $250. Its only got 18 month now.
    Its used ,tyres half gone $200.
    It will cost new owner $26 transfer fee +$195 stamp duty.

    Total= $1071.

    This $1071 is missing ,you used it.
    So even if the bike its self was still brand new ,but only come is 18 months warrenty ,half tyres etc..

    Its worth $9,229.
    How much you think the "Bike its self " is worth its been used for 6 months and 8000km's.

    The bike its self ,has a small mark here or there BUT still looks new and its 6 months old got 8000km .
    Take $1,500 off ,thats pretty good value for 6 months of use of the bike.

    Bike is worth $7,700 at best ,private.
    Dealer offers $6,500 ,and make $1,200.

    Just the way I see it :wink:
  17. What Sled said, but then if it sits for several months he's also got to factor in the cost of the floor space and the interest on the money. Also if it sits for any time it continues to depreciate while it's on the floor.

    If he knows it may take 3 months to move stock, he has to look at what he gets for it then - not what he could get for it tomorrow.
  18. how are your tyres looking sled must be due for a new bike soon :LOL:
  19. No ,im looking forward to buying some for the first time. :grin:
    Once the novety of buying tyres is over ,I sell and get a new bike again.
  20. Actually the red book is not the biggest load of rubbish... it is truly compiled from the DECLARED value on the change of registration form.

    But most people will declare less on the form when doing a private sale to save on stamp duty... as for the trade in value.. There are some bike models even almost new that they will not want in their shop... Why?? coz as a second hand bike they have very poor resale.... I have seen some bikes on the floor for years!!