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Bike shop thats open on a Sunday?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ChiggenWingz, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. This is frustrating, I'm trying to go shopping for bike stuff on a day that I'm not working like most, and why the heck are so many bike shops closed on Sunday?! :evil:

    Does anyone know a bike shop that would be open on a Sunday?

    I mean who has the time to duck out from work to go try on motorcycle gear or even a bike during working hours? Saturdays get eaten up because of family or just relaxing after a hard weekes worth of work, so when we finally get the energy and motivation to get some stuff the shops are closed?!?

    I really dont get it... :?

    If people have answeres, I'll add the stores to a list on this first post, so others who may search in the future for a Sunday shop can find out which oes are likely to be open here :)

    Clipstone Yamaha
    52 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood 3134
    PH: (03) 9870 9488

    New World Honda
    518 Princes Highway, Berwick 3806
    PH: (03) 8794 0000

    Mornington Kawasaki and Jetskis
    1-185 Mornington-Tyabb Road, Mornington
    PH: (03) 5976 3800 or
    PH: (03) 5976 3801
  2. Clipstone Yamaha is Melbourne and the Honda dealer in Narre Warren are both open on Sunday
  3. amazing nothing in Elizabeth st is open considering centre of Melb

  4. Mornington Motorcycles [kawasaki] is open on Sundays, not bad service and a pretty good range of clothing upstairs. They seem to have a lot of spares for dirt bikes so have a brisk trade.
  5. Accessoride is open on sunday. It is at 508 Plenty road in Mill Park their number is 9436 4499 www.accessoride.com.au They sell mostly dirt bike gear I think so would be best to give them a call first.
  6. Plenty of people make it to bike shops on Saturdays, just cause
    you can't get off your butt after a 5-day-week, don't ask bike shop
    workers to extend their 6-day-work-week to a 7-day-work-week.

    Most bike shops are small business staffed by a couple of
    experienced knowledgeable people, who can't be replaced by
    casual staff; thus working 6 days, and seeing their families only
    1 full day a week plus a couple of odd hours here and there.

    Family is obviously important to you, even if
    retail staff have time off during the week their family usually
    doesn't, and thus they dont get to see each other.

    Until you work those kind of hours you won't realise how
    much it hurts to only see your family 8 or 9 hours a
    week (not counting the time the kids and partner are asleep).

    Besides, would you buy EXTRA if you could shop sundays? NO,
    you'd buy about the same amount as if you had to buy
    it on Saturdays. So where's the benefit
    in shops staying open sundays? Most shops I know have tried
    it and just dont get enough extra sales to pay the extra wages.
  7. touchy topic huh?

    Well Sundays are good because during the week how hard is it to go to a bike shop unless you work in the city.

    I work Monday to Fridays 9 - 5 and most bike shops are closed by the time i finish. Saturdays i have the luxury of not working but understand that people have to look after kids and the like on a saturday.

    Im sure there would be a market if shops are open on a sunday even if the workshop is closed. At the end of the day its really jsut a retail shop.
  8. Would you pay someone double time to stand there and serve a dozen people all day, maybe half of whom will buy something? What about if you employ a minimum wage cashier, what happens when the people working on their bikes on the weekend come in? They can't help......
    It's a minefield, you have to take a gamble, but no one knows you are open......I used to get people calling me cold on Sundays when I was self employed, wanting a quote right now. Yeah, sure. Pay me $80, Sunday is my day off.
    Surely someone is open late night shopping.
    Hang on, do you get an hour for lunch? Most people do this sort of thing during their lunch hours, but that requires organisation and planning..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I also have same issue I work 6 days a week 8-6 so amx had pretty much become my go to shop being one of the few open on Sunday was much better when I was in Queensland as most shops are open on Sunday.
    Down here in melbourne everything seems to shut down that I require