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bike shop test rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by weelz, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. What do you reckon is a reasonable expectation for a test ride from a dealer?

    I arranged test rides at two dealers over the phone last week and got two completely different results. both said no worries, gave a time and said they could provide helmets and jackets. Great.

    Dealer A - turned up, they were expecting me. they asked my helmet size and produced new looking gear. signed paperwork and in 5 mins we were away on the bikes. tried out three over 30-40 mins or so. gave me brochure,prices and I was on my way.

    Dealer B - turned up, got the 'yeah,yeah give me a minute', waited 20 mins looking round showroom etc, salesman passed by several times looking busy but ignoring me. eventually appeared with paperwork which had $2000excess :shock:. reluctantly agreed as I was real keen on bike they were selling. then he got his jacket and motioned for me to grab a helmet. looked at rack with the sorriest ol pile of piss pots I've ever seen( worn out open face or pudding style, most without any lining!!!!.) and no jackets.
    I said I'm not wearing them. He said most folk have their own stuff(despite saying he had em on phone). So I canned test ride and left :bolt:

    I though salesmen would be keen for a sale, especially in current climate.

    Dealer B's attitude didn't reassure me they'd be real interested in any potential warranty issues after the sale( like my safety on test ride).
    It pissed me off that even though I called ahead they expected me to go out in a cashconvertors helmet AND pay them $2000 if I stacked it.

    What do you reckon is reasonable to expect of a dealer test ride?
    Full face helmet and jacket? $2000 excess?

    rant off!

  2. To be honest i would think it to be common sense to bring your own helmet and gear to a test ride.
  3. Yep, that's on par from my experiences as well.

    No denying the motorcycle industry in Australia is still a 'cottage industry'.
    There's no real standards & competitive edge comes from hit 'n' miss.
    Count your blessing when things work out & try not to be disheartened when they don't.

    At the end of the day you'll have to work at getting into riding bikes, not a lot out there to make it easy - unless you know someone who knows someone.....
  4. forgot to mention, sold helmet with last bike and lost old jacket!

    shoe shops provide socks to help sell shoes if you can't provide your own and they're a damn sight cheaper than buying a new bike :LOL:
  5. I'm amazed that you found a place who actually had the gear there - they're selling bikes, so I would never expect a place to have gear there. Still, for customer service, I'd highly recommend to go back to shop 1 if they are price competitive. Reward good work!
  6. I can relate to shop A on the 5 mins and out we go sorta thing.

    I ride in my own gear though, although most shops expect me to just grab one of their helmets and jump on the bike. I only ride ATGATT.

    When I took at $10,000 bike for a test ride the excess was about $500 from memory. ?
  7. I think it is fair enough to expect you to have your own gear. Just like on your example of a shoe shop, don't expect any "test" gear to be any good, just like the pile of skungy socks in a shoe shop for those that didn't bring their own socks.

    I've been on a three test rides over the past few days, and I have to say that excess did vary from $500 to $2500, depending on the place. The values of the bikes were the same, it really just depends on the insurance policy they have.
  8. That excess is probably at the high end, but not unreasonable considering you are expecting to ride a bike - that you don't own, and without obligation (you're not even paying to hire it!), and you are not known to the owner of the vehicle (that is, the dealer).

    And most people do bring their own gear to a test ride. You no longer have your own, fair enough, but the bike shop DID offer you one, you just weren't satisfied with it's standard. What did you expect? A brand new Shoei out of a box just so you can test ride a bike you might not even buy?

    This attitude that because of "these economic times" people in sales jobs should suck up to every person who walks through the door is mistaken. You and I don't know how much he has sold that week, or month. For all we know he may be 10 bikes above budget and not need to take out of stock a nice helmet just to appease the person who may or may not follow through with the purchase.

    They shouldn't have kept you waiting like that though.
  9. I'm not expecting anybody to suck up to me, just be professional. which I would still expect him to be even if he was 10 bikes over. Also not expecting a new/shoei helmet, just something fit for purpose.

    How much is a cheapo helmet these days -$100. half a dozen in various sizes isn't going to send dealer under especially if they're not used much and if one gets damaged they're up for 2 grand. :LOL:

    point taken on excess though, prob high chance of damage on test rides.
  10. I would expect that most bikes shops would think that punters not serious enough to have their own bike gear aren't serious enough about buying a bike and that they are more likely to be time wasters (not saying that about you, just that the odds favor that).

    Look at it this way, if someone can't afford $100 for a cheap helmet and $50 for cheap gloves and $200 for a cheap jacket then what are the chances they can afford to buy a bike?
  11. If they cannot at the very least supply me with a helmet I walk.

    Getting back on a bike after 10 years I don’t have one hanging around and not knowing what bike and color it is I’m not buying one before I get a bike.

    My test ride 4 weeks ago they suppled me with everything, and I bought my bike from them.

    People have to learn to walk the hell away when given crap service.

    Not to mention after buying a bike the extras are or can be part of the deal.

    Why pay full price a few days earlier.
  12. As someone getting back on a bike and in much the same space as yourself regarding gear I've also had some interesting experiences. I've a helmet and gloves so just need a jacket to borrow and most appear to be able to help there.

    Have found the high volume jap bike dealers to be the worst in all aspects some even wanting credit card swipes before test rides. I'm happy to sign a $2k excess though, after all these guys are letting you out on their bike without any insight into your character and they would get all types wanting a ride.

    Most bizarre moment however was sitting on the dealers forecourt waiting to go out on a group test ride on a euro sports bike when the guy who was leading comes up and starts up the conversation with "so have you had a bike before" before taking us on the best 30mins of fun I've had in ages - definately not a potter around the block type of thing. hmm wonder if I could go again!! lol
  13. I have found that just to get a test ride is hard! It's like they want you to walk in the shop, hand over you wallet, drop your pants and bend over. Honestly, can anyone in their right mind even consider buying a bike with-out test riding it. Dealers need to get with the program and provide examples of all popular models with a) a battery b) oil and c) a reasonable expectation that we the test rider will want to get to 100km's and, depending on the model, see some twisties.

    Attention Motorcycle Dealers: I have money, I want to buy a bike, I need to test ride several bikes and your cooperation for our mutual benefit would be appreciated. FFS.
  14. never had a problem arranging the test ride, nor getting service in a shop. hell i have been visiting places last few weeks and been encouraged to have a test ride.

    everything from gsxr650 to a transalp and a cb1300.... fortunately I have resisted so far... I think next friday though I will be riding a few different bikes all before lunch :)
  15. being a learner and not ever tested a bike in a shop:

    few q's

    how long do most test rides go?
    does someone from the shop come out on another bike with you?
    can you only take it only a certain distance from the shop?

    would be pretty pointless if its just around side steets
  16. Enjoy your walking then :LOL:
  17. 1) Depends on the store. Some are 10mins - 20mins - 30mins

    2) Depends on the store. A couple of stores had someone with me. The Ducati ride was great despite 2 store people escorting me. Plenty of chances to get a feel for the bike. The other stores were to 'nanny' like. Slow everywhere, maybe 1-2 chances to get a 1000cc bike up to 6000rpm LOL. I've had a lot just by myself.

    3) No. If it's a group ride it's usually only a few kms away from the store. I've been out on my own and i go where i want within 30 mins of riding.

    I've test ridden a LOT of bikes as i wanted to be sure with my latest purchase. I haven't had any issues getting a test ride on whatever i asked for.

    In regards to the helmet, don't be such a sook :wink:

  18. Most places will be honest with you and tell you that they won't let you test ride when you're fresh on your Ls. That's what I heard from almost all dealers. About 2.5 years ago I got a test ride on a used VTR from Metro Honda around an empty car park. That was better than nothing and sold me on the bike. Let's face it, almost everything else feels and goes better than a CB250! I got the ride even though I made it clear I wasn't going to buy for another fortnight. Unfortunately for them, Jeffrey Honda "stole" the sale off them even though Metro offered a very good package price and were going to honour it when I came back. Metro might get a future sale from me though and I'll definitely see/consider them when I look to move to a 600.

  19. Never needed to, if they don’t have a helmet I just give them a heads up and they find me one for the day I’m coming in. One sales guy even gave me his.

    I have never taken out a bike for less than hour unless I have really disliked the bike.
  20. +1.

    If you were test riding a second hand bike, (i.e. going to the owners house to check out the bike) would you expect them to give you their gear to ride around in (assuming it fits).

    This is why I've told two friends of mine who are getting into riding. Buy all your gear first, then spend your remaining money on a bike. I'm also ATGATT...

    Now a question for those who have done a test ride from a dealership, how hard can you ride the bikes? Can you sorta break the speed limit?? Can you get a good lean angle on some corners or if you venture too far away from your escort you get in trouble?? ta