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Bike Shop Sales [Vic]

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jez79, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Time for a new helmet and wondering if anyone knows any shops having sales at the moment? Otherwise maybe someone in Vic who offers NR discount? (Couldn't find anything in 'partner discounts')



  2. If you know the type/style/size etc PM Cruisingal for a price.

    Or PM Pnut, he works in a bike shop in mornington (actualy check the calender i think theres a shoping night coming up)
  3. Netrider discount at Sharptune Kawasaki in Dandenong.

    I recently bought a Nolan N61 Melandri replica from there for $250.00.

  4. Redwing in Heidelberg are having a sale on Shoei lids, although they will "do you a deal" on the others as well.

    I picked up an Arai on Saturday, and they knocked some $$ off for me.

    They are pretty nice guys to deal with, too, IMHO.
  5. OK, so I've worked out I want an AGV stealth based on feel comfortability and budget.

    Anyone seen these on special?
  6. i went to sharptune and they said no discount on netrider. went few weeks before, and said i need to put deposit while they are ordering the bikes on a sky high ORC. went again few weeks back, dropped tyre price higher than peter steven. guess that would be my last visit :LOL:
  7. I've had them tell me that they don't do discounts for Netriders either.
    I did buy like this membership thing back when I was still a noob but it 'gives' me a 10% discount on their merchandise, which I have found is slightly more expensive compared to other stores.
  8. Yeah I tried that, but it doesn't really let you know what 'benefit or discount' is applicable and then when I called most of the ones on the list, they had nothing or little to offer.. All sorted now.
  9. So you have a new lid ??
  10. Sure did! AGV stealth. Was looking for a while and it came down to that or a KBC VR2. These were the only 2 that really fit, and the AGV was slightly more comfy. I got it fairly tight (snug) thinking it should bed in just enough..
  11. Sounds like the netrider partners page needs updating? :?: