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Bike shop in Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by alexgoh, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. Mates, I will be in sydney from 21 jun to 30 Jun and staying in Kent street, and I need some help to let me know where can I get a frame slider for my 2008 Z750 ?

    thanks mate !

  2. Also Action Motorcycles down the road, but I've never dealt with them so I'm not familiar with what parts they have. 74 Wentworth Ave

    http://actionmc.com.au/stores.php for trading hours, contact, etc.
  3. Oh my god I can't resist!

    Apa khabar, Encik Goh? Saya suka makan Penang laksa! Sedap!!!

  4. translation.

    My CBR125 will eat your Z750 alive - let's meet up and race for slips!
  5. :eek:



    Ahahahahahahaha yes that is EXACTLY what I said. NOT! :p

    I said: How are you doing Mr Goh? I love to eat Penang Laksa - delicious!

    I haven't written/ spoken my national language for nearly 7 years now - it's getting rusty!
  6. I'll go one-up on ya :

    Mr Goh - "Lu hoe boe?! (Greetings in OP's local lingo). You have PM.

  7. MCAS is best.
    action not so good..
  8. I drove to Penang during peak hour whilst it was raining cats and dogs. All those brave motorcyclists, I don't know how I didn't hit any of them.

    As for assam laksa - gross
  9. Oh. My. God.

    There are people here who can speak hokkien and know what assam laksa is?

    Wah... jing chim leh... !

    On topic: I second the MCA recommendation :)

    ps- Assam laksa is great!
  10. Now call Penang in Sydney !

    Guys, want to have a drink/dinner when I am in Sydney ? I will be in sydney from Jun 22 to Jun 30, staying in Sydney CBD.

    Ka Ni Nia, sydney also got people speak hokian ! song la !
  11. Apa then? Malaysia so close to Australia - of course got malay kia, ah beng and ah lian everywhere one mah... :rofl:

    Hey if you're here that long you should head out to a Sydneyrider/Netrider meet at Randwick - Monday night coffee.. Mmmm.... chai lattes. Good chance to mingle with the Sydney crowd :cool: Let us know if you're keen!

    But otherwise yeah would love to meet up for a cuppa. I'm based in the city anyway, won't take too long to head down whereever you are.

    ps - You don't happen to have any Bengawan Solo with you, do you? Haven't had it in years! :-k

  12. what is Bengawan Solo ?
  13. Han's brother
  14. What about Acapulco Gold? [​IMG]
  15. ohh we have that in Penang but I can't bring it over ... Aussie custom control will not allow me to do so.
  16. encik goh, bila mau makan? lapar la.. :p
  17. I am in sydney now ... staying in swissotel at market street, will be here until monday morning, we can meet up please sms me at +60124668002