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Bike shop in Syd West for service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by firstBike, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My bike is due for its first service. I bought it at action mc but having read lucas001 poll i dont want to take it there for service.

    I was wondering if someone could provide give me a name of who is decent around the area.

    Also do i have to take it back to a honda dealer for my first service or will all bike shops know what needs to be done ?


  2. use the search

    theres heaps of threads exactly like this with numerous responses
  3. cheers

    Sorry for the post, found some info after i created the post. (i did search before i posted)

    Thanks all
  4. You probably will need to go to an official Honda Dealer, since the service is a warranty service....
  5. The rules regarding servicing, If ur bike/car is new, under warranty etc, u may take it to anyone u like, providing they are a licensed mechanic on licensed premises, if it is service/ tune up work. They do not need to use genuine parts.
    If the vehicle needs warranty work carried out, then it must be sent to a dealer of that marque.
    It is up to the Dealer/ Manufacturer, to prove that the engine blew up because an aftermarket oil filter was fitted ( example only, if a dispute over warranty occurs because of Non- Dealer servicing!) If it was to prove that the aftermarket oil filter caused the problem, then the manufacturer of that aftermarket component would cover costs incurred via their indemnity insurance.
    Do not be mislead by a Dealer that ur vehicle must be serviced by them or ur warranty will be void!.
    Feel free and have peace of mind, have ur vehicle (new or second hand) serviced by the Workshop/mechanic of ur choice.

    Tex & Bundy