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Bike Servicing Melb CBD/Hawthorn area

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by gavla, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Sorry guys if this has been posted already but I cannot find any info on the forum at all helping me with this!

    I bought a second hand GS500F and the chain is very loose to the point where i'm not riding the thing! I want to get it serviced as I haven't had it done yet..

    I live in Hawthorn but work in S Melbourne so if you can recommend somewhere that'll do a good bike service around these parts then i'd appreciate it.


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  3. chain adjustment seems daunting but its easy if you have the tools.
    (a breaker bar and the right sized socket)
    Mick Hone in Box Hill is good (and is on a tram line).
  4. +1 for Pete !!
  5. Intyre motorcycles in Brunswick, take the 96 directly outside the door on the way back to work. That Pete fellow seems to get a good rep but is still quite pricy (at least he was to me) everywhere else in the city will be just as pricy as him if not more apart from Intyre.
    Found this out from ringing just about everyone
  6. Thank you very much people!
  7. Hi! I was going to EverythingTwo Wheels but now it seems to have shut down!! Where can I go now? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I'd like to sell my bike so want to get it serviced etc first..
  8. I'm a Pete refugee too, I had a look around and picked out to try Bikedock in the same area but when I rang them they had nothing for 3 weeks, which is kindof a good sign I guess, but needed to get the service done so wound up taking it to City Yamaha instead.
  9. How'd you find them?

    When they were still an Ape dealer they helped me out with an issue.
    That help turned into a sub-par major service and some BS antics which I will not relive.

    Back to A1 for me...
  10. +1 for sixty degrees in notting hill
  11. Ok I guess, $400 for a bog standard 10k service on a 2014 MT09 which is basically an oil and filter change with a few inspects.

    If you managed to fcuk that up it would be impressive.
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