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NSW Bike service rules rumours

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by aaahhh, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I heard a rumour yesterday that you will have to have your bike serviced where you bought it. Can anyone confirm or deny this. Not sure how this could happen but who knows with the way this Government operates.

  2. Rubbish!
  3. not true in Victoria

    The Government can't tell you where to Service your bike.

    Do you mean your warranty wil be void? as that isn't true either
  4. Seems unlikely. What if someone bought their bike interstate, or if the place they bought it from went out of business.

    But then you are in NSW....
  5. It would be impossible to enforce and too many variables. But as you mentioned, it is NSW.
  6. Nah mate, this sounds way to unlikely.
  7. No such thing on the table here AFAIK, BUT... the EU is currently pushing a law that would restrict access to service codes to authorised persons (probably dealers), so this is probably where the rumour came from.

    Some info about Type Approval (which includes servicing) here:

    The legislation also forbids any modifications other than cosmetic. This package is being fought vigorously by European motorcycle groups, and if they fail there is every chance that opportunist regulators in Australia will jump on the bandwagon.
  8. It better bloody well not mean that existing non-cosmetic modifications will have to be removed.
  9. "Third line forcing is a specific form of exclusive dealing prohibited outright by the Competition and Consumer Act. "

    Above taken direct from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Australian Consumer law was totally rewritten and updated last year. I can't see any of it changing again for another 40 odd years.

    Translates to - a consumer cannot be forced to return to a company or franchise for service or maintenance. The company or franchise CANNOT withhold warranty or aftersales service regardless.

    Type approval is a different kettle of worms altogether and has more to do with enforcing OEM part and accessory compliance.
  10. I have no idea where the previous owner bought my bike... so... how would that work?

    unless you're talking about NEW bikes, even then its near on impossible to enforce.. what happens if you have a specific mechanic you go to and you don't want to go to someone else.

    seems highly unlikely this could ever be introduced/enforced..
  11. Have a read of this paper from the AMIF (formerly MTAA). Main dealers would like you to go back to their service centres as they make more profit from that than they do from sales.

    In the US, the government forced the manufacturers to release service codes and sell scanners/readers to whomever wanted to buy one. This means you can buy service information and special tools in the US that aren't for sale anywhere else in the western world except to dealers.

    No current Australian government would restrict people from taking their vehicle to whomever they like for service or even doing it themselves. However they do clamp down ever tighter on non-cosmetic mods. With cars especially becoming more wholistic constructions thanks to integrated stability, traction and drivetrain computers I can understand why, even if I don't agree with it. Bikes are years behind cars for this and also a smaller market so who knows how it will go.