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Bike service quoted. Cheap or not?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bbyboy, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. ive never taken a bike for a service before so i wouldnt know approx how much itll cost.

    i called a bike mech near my place. he quoted approx $300+parts for a half service and $390+parts for a full service for my bike (cbr250rr).

    how are these priced? cheap, resonable or expensive?
  2. without knowing what's in each it's hard to tell. sounds cheap for a full service and about right for a "half" service.
  3. thx for the reply

    i cant really remember what the guy said, but its something along the lines of oil, water, brakes, clutch and spark plugs for the half service. and he said something about carburettor for the full service, its prob cleaning or syncing.
  4. thats fairly cheap for half service but full service and being 90more is reasonable bcoz he'll have to sit there and clean your carbies and take it to pieces and clean it and also sync. and it takes abita time to clean it thoroughly. its not a 30min job.

    sounds fair.
  5. it sounds reasonable for a full service especially if it involves cleaning and balancing the carby.

    the only problem is....is he gonna do it well and is he going to do it AT ALL!!! and make sure that he use decent oil.

    but if he does all that he quoted. sounds resonable
  6. $300 for a 'half service'? Make sure you know what they're doing, as they could easily just change your oil, filter, clean air filter, clean and lube chain and new spark plugs for $300 - all of which you can do yourself for about $50 all up, with minimum effort.
  7. +1

    I work in a motorcycle workshop, I am constantly amazed at how much people spend on minor services that they could easily do themselves.
    But I guess some people either don't have the time, tools or confidence.

    Re the OP, at a glance, I assume your mechanic is charging about $90 an hour labour, which is more or less the going rate these days.