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VIC Bike sellers beware

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by chillibutton, Sep 9, 2016.

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  1. 'The theft has been reported to police, but Mr Harrison's insurance company told him he would not be covered because he gave the thief the keys.'
    Wow just wow :facepalm:
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  2. So what does one do? Is the insurance company correct in its stance?
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  3. Agree this could be A - a costly mistake or B - one big bunfight
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  4. If there's a loophole they will find it. I think the best thing to keep in mind if selling, cash in your hand before allowing a test ride.
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  5. I agree re: test rides but this guy was caught up in an elaborate scam.

    Yes, he handed the keys but he got duped. So who's right here?

    Seriously.. My blood boils at such motherf****
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  6. and that means CASH, not a bank cheque and NEVER a personal cheque. I'd add a photo of them, their vehicle, and their licence to that. No cash, no licence, no ride.
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  7. yup agree 100% and if any of the above criteria is missing and it means turning away a potential sale so be it. If they are straight up they will be back ;)
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  8. And a photo of the face. These days that's going to get them arrested quick sharp as soon as the police release it and it gets onto to social media.
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  9. A lot of companies don't cover test rides. It's listed somewhere in that 50+ page PDS that no one ever reads..
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  10. I thought this was pretty commonly known?

    And maybe I'm weird (okay, I am) but I always read the PDS.
  11. MVRog used to say, "You can ride my MV any time you like, after you have put $30,000 in cash in my hand.."
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  12. on the radio in melb this morning an old time copper said it is" theft by deception" and should be covered. good luck to the owner.
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  13. And be careful about accepting their car as collateral, as it may be stolen or have money owing on it.
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  14. If I was the victim of this I would tell the cops / insurance company that the thief punched me in the face and stole the keys from my pocket while I was unconscious
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  15. I don't care what the value, I expect cash in my hand in return for the keys. I have them sign a contract stating if they damage the bike in any way they agree to purchase it for the advertised price.
    People whine, do I expect someone to bring $30k cash to just test ride my bike? Answer: absolutely!

    It not only gives me security, it also qualifies buyers. Tyre kickers with only half the cash don't bother coming along and wasting my time, neither do those just looking for a test ride whilst avoiding the dealer.
    Most people finance bikes of that value and don't have cash, in that case, hop on the back or go test ride one elsewhere, ideally somewhere that you can get the keys and ride it.
    Then if you want mine, we do the deal and if after I get your bank chq, you get the keys, and if not happy with it, provided no damage, you get your cheque back and I get the key back.
    The important thing there is to phone the bank upon receiving the chq to confirm it is a legit chq.

    If someone isn't happy with that, fark off and buy it from someone else, because you will be lucky to get one in the same condition and with the same anal retentive service history, which includes oil sampling results for engine and final drive oils.

    When I sell, I'm a kunt, and I turn a lot of telephone time wasters away, but usually I sell my cars and bikes quite quickly, and to genuine buyers who understand where I'm coming from.
  16. let me tell you, the po-lice are not interested in fraud unless it involves money-laundering, counter terrorist financing, organised crime or many millions of dollars. I deal with fraud worth many (tens and hundreds of) thousands of dollars every day in my line of work and the cops couldn't care less.
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  17. Didn't know you worked in the government revenue dept mate.;)
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  18. Just read my Policy. It covers "Theft" but when looking at crimes "Theft by Deception" is a different crime from "Theft" and are defined differently. Whereas I note another insurance company will payout for "Theft by Deception" provided you have kept the persons' license or other legal form of identification. Note the wording though - it does not say a photo or written copy.

    Also best way to receive money for a sale is at a branch of their bank via a bank transfer, they identify themselves to the bank ask for the transfer from their account and you give the teller you account number and get the receipt. That's how I sold my old car. I read somewhere bank checks do take time to clear and can still be cancelled within that clearance time.

    These days taking large sums of cash on weekend, or at night for a sal,e may see you getting a visit from the rest of the members of APEX or similar gang looking for a refund plus your car keys.