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Bike security

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sankhass, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    I just bought a bike about 2 months ago and I was wondering what kinda locks you use when you park it somewhere. Cuz I'm not sure if the disc locks were enough or if I should get one of those huge chains :?
  2. Use both,, I only have disc lock but I know that my bike is light enough for someone to lift it so disc lock wont a thing to stop them from steeling the bike.
  3. a disc lock fits nice and snug into the back compartment of the bike..

    thats what i went for..

    but if they're gonna steal your bike..they're gonna get it regardless lol

    chain or no chain
  4. I dont think I would be carrying a heavy chain around.
    It all depends on where you want to park.
    A disk lock or chain wont stop some c0ckhead from pushing your bike over.
    Go with the disklock and good insurance cover.

    Welcome to NR and fill in your profile. Location at least. :wink:
  5. Sankhass, did you go to GWSC?
  6. yes i did
  7. yes i did
  8. I had a look at one of those Xena disc locks which have a built in alarm.
    One of the other NRs had it on his bike and gave me a demo. I think it works pretty well and am gonna get one myself. That could be something to look into........
  9. i've been thinking about how I can secure my bike, i'm not getting much peace of mind from anything so far - an alarm that works is probably the best option given that at least it might draw some attention... but the fact that a 250cc bike can be picked up by two strong blokes and chucked in a van or ute in about 30 seconds flat in my mind deflates the use of basically any security measure... (maybe except GPS tracking)
  10. yeah thats what i was thinking too, 2 blokes and a ute can mean the bikes gone. I'm gonna get theft insurance in a week or two, reckon i can have peace of mind then.
  11. call up n get it tomorrow :wink:

    what happens when they pinch it on thurs? too late too cal lup then, huh :)

    seriously, sort things out sooner rather than later. i confirmed my cover note literally a few minutes prior to being handed the keys to my VTR. 2 weeks later i binned it hahaha.

    glad i was covered (even tho im not claiming, crappy fkn payout it would be :evil: ) hahah but u get my point.