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Bike Security

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, whats the best sort of Bike Security, i need to get some form of it with an alarm so that I can enjoy my dinner and park my bike at my girl's house.

    What do all you guys use and how much are they?

    note: If anyone has something that they're selling can you please pm me?

  2. The Best security is a 5 Inch thick Hardend steel box with sentry guns laser trips and motion sensors encased in a solid concrete bunker.

    So do we want to find a point of compromise?
  3. A disc lock is the minimum I use, if leaving my bike at a train station or somewhere a bit dodgy then I use a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit.


    Rule number one always park in a well lit spot
    Rule number two park next to a bike with no lock

    Alarm probably not bad but the above stops any thief, if they can bypass those locks then I always have insurance!!
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: smart alec :p
  5. You're after transient security yeah, ie: not at your place of residence?

    Any combination of:

    1. disc lock
    2. steering lock (most bikes have these built-in)
    3. python lock ($40-$60 from Bunnings)
    4. parking in well-lit, publically visble area
    5. motorcycle alarm
    6. a leather vest left on the seat with a skull & crossbones patch on the back.

    Note - do not WEAR said vest on road!!!
  6. I also used to have an other great security device when I was riding my old SR 250...
    It was an SR 250 who would want to steal it???
  7. I have a number of Kryptonite leashes and chains.
    Ground anchors. Abloy locks. Cambridge and Kruptonite U locks. etc. Allsorts coz Black Betty is into Bondage. :cool:
    Oh and 90,000+ kms on the clock. That's gotta be a deterrant, coz you know how unrelaible Ducatis are...
    Perhaps a Spyball alarm system that you can later transfer to your Ducati.
  8. Geeeeeez.... That bike be going nowehere.
  9. if ur going to the city park it in an underground parking with 24 hour survallence it free lol
    if your going to the local shop... somewhere u can keep an eye on it
    i never leave my bike where a cant see it
    minimum is a disk lock..... though i have seen a guy that had about 5 different locks on the bike
    cant be to secure he said... :grin:
  10. With my Gixxer I felt a bit exposed with not much security when parked at home (we're in an apartment which has an underground car park, but no seperate garages).

    I ended up getting a Scorpio alarm system (http://www.scorpioalarms.com/sr-i500.aspx) . I eBay'd it, think it was about $400-$450 AU by the time I got it here (shipping and the factory connector kit, permieter sensor, etc).

    But at least I feel much better when out and about (it's great when you go out for lunch or whatever, with your bike close but out of eyesight). It's a 2 way paging system with a permitere sensor. If someone gets too close it beeps, then after a few secs the alarm goes off and the remote beeps to tell me.

    Well worth the investment for me, but if it's out of the remotes range, then I have a Xena lock with a 3m security cable (in combination with the Scorpio).

    It's the bike I want to keep for along time, so figured I'd invest in some decent security.

  11. I made my own alarm using a home security 12volt 180db screamer a mercury switch and a standard 5 pin 12v relay the whole thing cost me about 50 bucks if the bike is lifted off the stand when the ignition is off... the switch to isolate the whole thing is under the seat next to the screamer . the thing screams its head off till its put back down , i know theres always the chance that it could be picked up and carried away but the bike lives in the garage right next to my room and i am a light sleeper , I also have the pump action shotty loaded with salt shot just in case :twisted:
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  13. wonder if someone can come up with a disk lock that sends an sms to your mobile (rather than pager as I'm not a doctor) and maybe also rings your mobile when your bike is being fiddled with......hmmm, better start googling..

    also, probably more seriously - what are immobilisers like in bikes, mine has one but i sometimes wonder if i shouldn't tie my dog up to the stand sometimes....nothing more fearsome than a minature schnauzer hehe
  14. Fark.... funny boy... lol LMAO

    apparently, immob's are bad cos they can engage when your on the freeway.... ????..... just what I heard from someone who has one! :? :?

    You can get an alarm that calls and sms's people but it costs 35 a month as it runs on a sim card (to call you)
  15. i think the $35 a month = my insurance - just got back from googling and it seems i'm a visionary rather than a realist on the sms sending bike lock - anyone out there with numerous lots of $100k that we can spend developing this? confidentially pm me..
  16. Hey Bren, this would be pretty easy to do. All you need is a device that can hold a sim card and a dialler of some kind. There are alarm units used in factories that send an SMS when a machine breaks down. You could adapt one of these.

    OH Dont forget there are no delivery guarantees on SMS from any carrier, there service level is best effort within 24 hours although they normally come through quicker depends on a lot of factors.

    Can just see it now, sitting at the cop shop reporting mmy bike stolen and I get an SMS to tell me it was stolen :(

    But what would I know :wink:
  17. That seems a bit high - why not use a prepaid SIM?

    Depending on the company $100 would give you up to 12 months access..
  18. the $35 a month is for alarm monitoring through a security company the unit is called a GSM Back up it uses the same technology as your mobile to ring through the event to the monitoring company then they either can ring you to alert you to the event or SMS you