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Bike security

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Muzbot, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Am a new rider and picking up my first bike next weekend and was wondering about bike security. I have a garage at home, but it's often "occupied" and will occasionally need to park my bike on the street. I live in the inner-west of Sydney and was wondering what advice people may have about keeping the bike safe.

  2. Inside is safest. Bikes are very easy to steal - just pick them up and put them in a tray/truck, or to vandalise - just push em over. If you have a backyard, keep it there, or find some room inside. Reconfigure you're garage to get the bike in, should only need a few sq meters.
  3. I'm with Dan; unless whatever is "occupying" the garage is worth more than your bike at the local pawn shop, your bike MUST be in the garage, and the garage must be locked.
    Now, if you can't garage it, can you get it down the side of the house and out of sight in the back yard? Do you have a dog that will sound off is someone it doesn't know comes near the yard? Do you have an imobiliser on the bike, and a chain lock etc? IS IT INSURED against theft?
    Inner-West Sydney, let me guess Ashfield? I'd be taking it into the HOUSE!!!
    Sobering statistic; of the bikes stolen in NSW in any calender year, 77% are never recovered!!!
  4. wow thats a pretty bad statistic.
  5. Sad but true, once you lose your bike you've got next to no chance of getting it back unless a mate or someone spots it and tells you. The police are so stretched they don't follow up the reports because they almost never find the reported item.
    (Figures are probably similar for Melbourne and other capitals, I would think...)
  6. Your mechanical steed will be a sitting target on the street...if not from thievery-type people then just drunk'n or bored louts who will gain immense pleasure from pushing your pride and joy over :evil: Something like that wouldn't necessarily happen, but it very well could if you've parked your bike on the street Muz.

    The garage would most definately be the preferred option. A car on the street would be a lot safer than a bike on the street. Not sure if its possible depending on where you're living, but even just parking your bike in your front yard would be a bit better than on the street.
  7. Thanks for the tips and it's pretty much what I was thinking. However, I live in a tiny apartment with no yard. The plan is to make as much room as possible in the garage, but being a shared space it's going to be difficult sometimes.
  8. Ok, well now it's time to call in favours and do some horse-trading. You need to sit down with the sharer and discuss the valuable nature of your bike and the need for its security. What can you "trade off" with the other party for tenure of a secure spot in the garage on a permanent basis? Perhaps you can volunteer to do the garbabe run on a permanent basis, or something like that. Worst case, offer to rent some space off him for money; whatever it takes, man, because the dice is loaded against you if you can't secure the bike.
  9. i also live in the ~inner~ west (king st newtown to be exact) and originally parked the bike on the street as we have no garage... all was fine for a few months until some F$%ker decided to put a lit cigarette on the seat :x my VTR is now in perfect condition except for an inch long burn in the seat which is covered by gaffa tape :| i've also heard tales of mirrors being snapped off in newtown :evil:

    as a result i approached the next door neighbours who have off street parking and asked if i could use the spare space in their yard (a two-fiddy doesn't take up much room). i was going to offer to pay but they wouldn't hear of it (i've see them at our local pub and bought them beers to show my appreciation).

    moral of the story? don't wait until something happens like i did.

    oh, and if you want to go for a ride, PM me :D
  10. If all hope is lost and you can't avoid leaving it outside, buy a big chain (the best security chain you can find) and chain it to something (stops the buggers from picking your bike up). In fact, try to do this anyway... and buy two chains, one for the front and one for the rear.
    Also get a cover, as these also act as a deterrent (believe it or not).
    Alarms can be good, but are only any use if you can hear it yourself. Nobody but you will intervene in an attempted burgulary/ vandalism of your pride and joy.
  11. Josh... am in Newtown too... Might take you up on that ride offer when I get my confidence up a bit.
    - Muz
  12. for sure - i'm always up for a ride on weekends :D
  13. Welcome to the forums Muzbot and I agree with dan, store your toy inside :) Thieves will try anything. Had a friend who used to park in a carport, very hard to see inside unless you go around. Some idiot still tried to nick it even though it was chained to the wall and installed with alarm.
  14. Jeez...Melbourne sound like a risky place to own a road bike. I'm glad I live in Perth. I have never had anybody even attempt to steal any of my road bikes, or anybody's I know of. Dirt bikes however are different over here, and almost the reverse is true..just about everybody I know who is into dirt bikes has had one or more stolen.
  15. hey muzbot... thinking about it now - if you're near my end of king street i'm sure my neighbours wouldn't mind you using the yard when you can't use your garage (they don't even have a car).

    i'm right down the end, almost at st peters station (right near the botany view hotel). if it's within reasonable walking distance to your place and you're interested, let me know :D
  16. Thanks for the offer Josh, but am up the other end. So while struttin' around Newtown in my sexy bike leathers may go down well with some of the locals, I'll just find a way to squeeze my bike behind my mates ute in the garage. :)
  17. Get your mate to shorten his ute, like the guy who beats and crashes his car into the shape of a Renault car!
  18. Hey inci, the reason no-one steals a road bike in Perth is because they know the thing would be worn out by the time they rode it to anywhere worthwhile!!! :LOL: :LOL:
    Muz, as suggested, try asking the neighbours if you can borrow/rent some space off them for your precious possession. Most people are approachable, and it can't hurt to ask.
  19. Hurtful...just plain hurtful...
  20. The other thing you can do it do some "trading" with a neighbour. Some of their garage space in return for something you can do for them, yard works, whatever. Anything to avoid having it on the streets, especially in the inner suburbs, that's just asking to lose it.