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Bike Security

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pastafarian, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Shortly I will be moving from a place with a garage to one with a carport only. It only just occurred to me I'll probably need to get some form of decent security for the bike (and that my insurance may go up :p).

    I will also need to get a cover.

    So, how do you secure your bike?

  2. I'm currently considering the same thing.
    At the movement I've at least got a lockable gate/courtyard area but may move to place with only an allocated car space under building.

    If possible, first and best option would be a huge chain left permanently at your space, locked to a pole, beam etc. that you can un/lock easily. May need to negotiate with neighbours to swap spaces if someone else has a better fixture to lock to.

    In not, see if you can get an anchor to lock to.
    Probably need approval from body corporate/owner if your renting.

    As for a cover, I'm looking into something like this.
    Pricey, but look much better than regular covers.
    The problem with a regular cover is you'll need to run it inside every time you go for a ride. These barn style things are a more semi permanent option that you can incorporate your huge ass chain into.

    At this point I'd be considering a two way pager alarm with a tilt sensor.
    If you want to go further, a junk yard dog tied to the bike?.. Then a shotgun and rocking chair

    Others will say "nothing will prevent a criminal from stealing if they want something, just get good insurance." But what's the harm in trying to protect our toys.
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  3. I'm just gonna quote what i said to another guy just yesterday.

    If you're super stressed about it.. park it in the living room.

    I bought an alarm off ebay its quite loud, is only a deterrent. but its still not going to stop someone stealing it, the gps tracking/immobilizer alarms are expensive but it may be better suited for you for the extra peace of mind.
    Bolt it to the floor? there's plenty of options.. but they're not all 100%, if they want it they'll take it! you can only try to stop the honest thieves.
  4. Haha thanks James, I always expect the 'if they want it they'll take it' spiel, you got in first :p

    Luckily I'm moving into a house so there isn't any worry about neighbours being hassled or body corporate, etc.

    I guess the best option is a big **** off chain wrapped around the carport support, maybe a family of spiders too!

    Might look at an alarm too.

    Already got full comp insurance so don't have to worry about getting that..
  5. From my experience most thieves are opportunists. They're the ones roaming around at all hours, looking over fences, up driveways etc. Thieves like time and they like quiet places and they especially like quiet, dark places.

    Just simple things like a bike cover are going to help as it might conceal the bike from the casual roaming eye of a thief. Even a heavy chain and lock is going to make it harder for the thief. You basically want to make your bike harder to casually steal than your next door neighbours, as heartless as that sounds. That's why alarms, security lights, chains are all good, especially if you use them in conjunction.

    Unfortunately, given enough time and resources anything can be stolen. I had a bike in an open carport for about a year. Used to get the girlfriend to park her car in front of it so it was trapped between the wall and the car!

    Good luck.
  6. +1 for the above

    I have the same situation and rely on:
    Cover - Plain cover without any branding.
    Out of sight of opportunists - not visible from footpath
    Full insurance including modiifcations.

    Going to get a 16mm chain (almax) with scratch cover for when I am away but adding a chunky chain or disc lock with reminder cable is more a visual deterant as determined thief will still get aroud them.
  7. Having an alarmed disc lock is a good deterrent for amateur thieves. They bump the bike and you will know... if you're home.
  8. Our two bikes are in an open carport and theres been a lot of motorcycle thefts in this area lately so bike security is always in my thoughts. I keep a cover over mine so its less obvious and always have the steering lock on, plus have full insurance. I would bring my bike inside if only I could. (I wish....)
  9. Along the lines of deterrents, A guy down the road from where I used to live said he stuck a tracker sticker to his driver side window, which had a company logo with the text, Monitored security system is tracking this vehicle 24/7 or something like that.. and he said his car has never been broken into even when his son (slightly autistic) doesn't lock the car. Even though he didn't actually have a tracker in the car. (vicinity of Ingleburn / Campbelltown for reference)

    Not sure if this actually works or not, but I see plenty of buildings and stuff that have similar stickers about surveillance security etc that don't look like there is anything worth protecting lol

    Maybe it's enough of a deterrent for an opportunistic thief to keep walking.. :-s
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    Oxford screamer disc lock, I believe peter Stevens has them on clearance for I THINK $49