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Bike security

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by DaRock, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking to get a disc lock for my GS500. I want one that has an alarm on it, but being a newbie I'm not sure of the difference between them.

    Can anyone recommend a particular disc lock with alarm?

    How do I know which ones fit also (aside from relying on the sales guy)?
  2. Buy insurance.
    Than buy an alarm.
    Then get a disc lock/alarm to keep the morons (not bike thieves) away.

    If you think an alarm or disc lock will keep your bike safe please message me your home address and I'll save you the wait by coming to steal your bike now. I charge a fee if its for insurance purposes so keep that in mind... :p

    As for bike locks/alarms, its usually best to buy the latest of the range, as earlier models usually have faults or easy bypasses. I've never had a problem with the Xena range, but there's prolly 100 guys ready to launch into a chant of why they suck if I tried to recommended them because the quality varies from lock to lock. Buying an older version is just idiotic btw...but even the latest ones can have problems of false alarms etc.

    And I knew my bike lock fitted because I went to the store and told him I was going outside to make sure it fitted - seemed to be the easiest way...
  3. I pick up a GS500FK9 next week and will be fitting an alarm ASAP. In the meantime, I'll be relying on comprehensive insurance and a Xena disk lock.
  4. Already got insurance, and consider this the primary method of theft protection.....

    Been debating an alarm, but figured an alarm on a disc lock would be "similar" (I mean they both make annoying noises right)

    I see a disc lock with a reminder as move of a fluro sign that says "go find the bike next to me that doesn't worry as much about stuff". Same as a club lock in a car. They're next to useless in stopping real thieves, but add that little touch of the "can't be assed" factor when there are probably bikes around without. Oh yer, and the alarm keeps away the morons that think it's ok to sit on other peoples property....

    So the Xena range isn't terrible then???
  5. Xena disc lock alarms things are ok,

    Mine has started screwing up now, its about 2years old. Don't know the average life span but mines near dead; when it was working properly though i couldn't complain.

    Sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it keeps false alarming :LOL: ...
    $200 on a alarm that you can you can buy off netrider and which will also save you a little bit of money on insurance; and i'd say sure as hell last longer.
  6. yea I have a xena.

    Batteries gone dead and never replaced them (about 2 years ago).
  7. I pay about $430 a year for full comp insurance on my 2007 GS500F which covers $7,000 (through AAMI, with nil riding experience and 29 y/o)

    I asked about theft coverage and she said I could leave the keys in the bike at a shopping centre and it is still covered if it gets flogged.

    I don't know how effective the steering lock is, but that's all I use.
  8. wiillz just recently installed one on his cibby. Goood assss. easy to install, runs off the ignition. awesome application.

    atm i just have a xena x1 lock mainly as a deterrent. If someone wants to steal your bike, they will steal it.
  9. haha do a search on the xena alarm locks. some go off for no reason, some dont even work. some say they are fine.

    insurance is best.

    the alarm i installed, goes off when i go to open the boot, but i once wheeled it out of the garaged, and it didnt go off =/