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Bike security systems (disc locks, etc etc...)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Grunge, May 25, 2006.

  1. Hi all!

    Does anyone have any security system to reccomend for me?
    As my zxr250 didn't come with a system I was wondering if it would be well worth it to buy a disc lock or fit it with an alarm system.
    I'm sure that in terms of bikes targeted for stealing, ninjas and fireblades would be up there because of the popularity.

    Does anyone have any reccomendation for the Xena disc locks/alarms?
    And what's the difference with the weights.
    Or should I just go for a regular chain (which is a little heavy...) or a kryptonite lock?

    I don't know about fitting a $500 alarm on it tho', as I may not keep this bike after I get my full license...

    Any reccomendations/thoughts anyone?

  2. You can buy a more tradition alarm from Jaycar (and the like) for under $100, but personally I like the Xena alarmed disk locks.
    Most shops will explain to you the difference in Xena locks - but basically its "newer model" = morer secure, thicker pin, more reliable.
  3. Yeah this has come up often in the forums so you should find all the info in a quick search.

    But from memory the general lfeeling was teh disk lock with alarm ie the Xena. Thats what i've got and so far so good.
  4. I don't have a lot of experience with what is out there, but, i use a xena alarmed lock. the alarm sounds for a short while (30 secs or so)- go for the bright colours to make it obvious - i'm happy with it.
  5. I have to wonder if it's worth the money. After all, if thieves can knock off cars which have immobilisers and are a tad heavier to lift into the back of a van than a bike, what good do you think that a disc lock (which will cause you more grief if you forget to remove it before riding off) or an ignition immobiliser will do?

    Probably the most secure way of storing a bike is in a locked garage or shed. And even then, if they really want it, then they'll get it. Best insurance, I reckon, is insurance.
  6. Thanks all.. I think I will get the Xena... I did do a search but nothing came up about them. All I need is a deterent so that nobody would do try to steal them when I'm parked in the city or where else.

    I've got a open garage at home (carport) so that wouldn't help. :-( But the bike is fully insured. :]
  7. You can fit a big padlock through where a zena alarmed lock would normally go to.

    Or if your really woried, you can get a zena and a padlock, that way they have to get through two locks, and the padlocks are pretty hard to get through with bolt cutters when the zena is going off next to you.

    Just have to make it look harder to steal then the bike next to you, and in my mind, alarms dont do that, and you can have the seat off and the alarm broken in about 12 seconds, which normal people would think was just someone who forgot to turn it off.
  8. By all means go for the Xena Disc Lock/Alarm or similar if that's what you want.

    If you want to go for a more traditional alarm .. don't go spending $500-odd!!! :shock:

    Let eBay be your friend .. see http://tinyurl.com/lnbwv
    It's got a bit over 7 hrs to go as at time of posting this was sitting at $60.80 ..

    Or the same unit here with a day and a bit to go ..

    http://tinyurl.com/hzjgg with a Buy-It-Now price of $75

    I got one of these units and have been happy with it :grin:

    Hope this helps ...

  9. Only problem, dont see that having a pager? main reason Im getting mine is so I get paged if my bike is moved/tilted instantly
  10. Yep, fair call Wazza .. probably be pushin' it to get a "paging alarm" for under a $100 is all ..

    I was more offering this as an "info" type thing given I'd seen the sum of $500 mentioned for a traditional type alarm, I near choked on me coffee :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Whichever way you go it's worth lookin' round and having a look on eBay too .. sometimes you can have a win pricewise etc ..
  11. I got an excellent security system,its called Swann Insurance Maxrider plus,its worth more than my bike,any interested bandit :roll: thieves :roll: out there :?
  12. I too have an excellent security system, a bad tempered Norwegian Elkhound called Manny who sleeps with my bikes. :twisted:
  13. Ah ok, on a motorbike forum Im on, we're getting the scorpio alarm with pager and other stuff for about $550-$600 (group buy)

  14. Alarm systems are useless. How many times have you heard a car alarm going off in some car park being ignored by everybody? Only reason to have a car/bike alarm that makes a racket is if the insurance company wants you to.

    A better alternative is the pager systems without siren. That way, you might be able to sneak up behind anybody messing with your ride with a crow bar in your hands, or maybe a bad tempered Elk hound..... :shock:
  15. my brothers bike got dragged away once and he found it later in the bushes with no front wheel by following the marks.

    He summised that they took the wheel off to a shed somewhere to work on the disc lock then come back for the rest. Well he managed to get it tucked away before then luckily. never got his front wheel back tho.

    I got myself a Xena alarm lock and its reminded me several times that I have stood the bike up without removing it. its enough to be a deterrant but if someone is determined then you'd better have decent insurance.
  16. One advantage of having an alarm is by getting a cheaper insurance premium so it eventually pays for itself anyway
  17. How much cheaper?

    Say it's a $50 reduction in premium. A bike alarm's worth say $1,000 for a "good" one. How many years before it pays for itself?

    Like I said earlier, I question the effectiveness or otherwise of any so called anti-theft devices or systems.