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Bike security/parking @ home for new rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bazz68, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I pick up my new bike tomorrow (hopefully!), and I've been wondering where I should keep it at home. I don't know anyone else who rides so I've got no idea how easy or how often bikes get nicked. I've searched here for security and parking, but nothing really hit the spot (and I hope I've got the right forum for this question!).

    Basically I've got a carport one side of the house which is down the driveway, but visible from the street. I figure if I leave it there I should chain it to one of the brick pillars. Alternatively I can run it down the other side into the back yard. Disadvantage of this is that the path is fairly narrow with a gate so will be a pain in the proverbial, and there is no cover. I live in a pretty quite residential area so not really overly concerned about it being nicked, but I figure that an unlocked/unsecured bike could easily be lifted by a few beefy blokes. So whaddya reckon, keep it locked in carport with easier access but visible from street, or leave in backyard with harder access and no cover (I have bought a cover for it anyway just in case!)? Or am I being paranoid and could just leave it unlocked in the carport 8-[??

    Appreciate your advice on this (oh, and before you ask, I am taking out comprehensive insurance as well, but would rather not have to use it in the first place).

    PS This exercise is going to get really expensive, I have decided that it really deserves a garage, so I am looking at doing reno's to add a double garage to store the powered and unpowered bikes! (The pushbikes live inside at the moment).

  2. One thing that may make your choice to build a garage a bit easier is that many insurance companies charge less insurance for a bike kept in a locked garage overnight compared to a bike kept in a carport (visible from the street).

    With regards to your current situation you can buy proper ground anchors which mount into concrete, used in combination with a proper motorbike cable/lock and a cover (to make it less desirable) it will keep all but the most serious theives away.

    Something like this one...


    And this chain...

  3. meh - carport (and a chain if you are paranoid). And full comprehensive insurance.

    I used to store two bikes in an open car park at the back of a block of flats.

    Personally, I'd just store in in the carport. Under a cover if it's particularly attractive and brand new. Mainly to keep it nice.
  4. Put a cover on it too. Keep out the prying eyes.
  5. +1 for insurance!
    if someone wants it that bad, no chain/lock/garage/alarm will stop them taking it. only real way is a massive effing dog who likes to eat people, but that opens up another can of worms.....
    my bike's insured for more than i paid (but judging by sales of similar bikes i got mine considerably cheap) sometimes i leave it in the garage (particularly when it's gonna rain, coz it's a dog to start when its been rained on) but mainly just parked behind my house. if it gets stolen it gets stolen
  6. Disk lock with alarm and a huge as$ chain to something immovable - like your house. Ive stored mine in the backyard with lock/alarm and chain........backyard so I could admire it and go vroom vroom in whenever the weather turns nasty, I also find it relaxing just sitting on the bike :)
  7. only real way is a massive effing dog who likes to eat people, but that opens up another can of worms.....

    Not if the dog is particularly hungry at the time.........don't feed it often....... ;)

  8. in carport and get an alarm.
    Chains are quiet. Loud is a better deterrent.

    My Kryptonite chain cost me near $200 and has marks from where they've tried boltcutters on it. They broke my ignition too (on more than one occasion) and chains don't prevent that. I've had Xena lock and it was more trouble than it was worth and they're 60-70.

    I recently got an ebay alarm with proximity sensor (Voyager 5000m $115 delivered from tradeworkz in Vic) and very happy with it. Was easy to install. I recommend it.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! Got the bike home and put it in the carport, but it just looked too vulnerable 8-[ so I decided to run it around the back and put the cover on it (and disc lock - at this point, still digging around on something a bit better). Of course it p'd down with rain the last couple of days and I started to think I should 've left it in carport - haven't been for a ride on it either since Thur (Fri too wet, Sat too hungover), so I'll have to see how easy it is to run it up and down the side once I've had a few goes of it.
  10. disguise it as a tree