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Bike security - new rider please help!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Gozzy ID, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Hi Crew,
    Please help - I have owned an NSR 150 SP for a few months and I don't own any kind of locks/security etc for it. First step this weekend is to buy a disk-lock but I am wondering if anyone can offer some advice on better security? Fellow netriders last night on the Melbourne mystery-ride indicated that disklocks are little more than a deterrant to low-life's who really want to steal a bike.

    Given my bike is a riceburner they could probably put it on their shoulder and carry it home - but I'd like to reduce their ability to steal my toy

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


  2. Gozzy,

    I'm sure someone will come around with a much more comprehensive reply complete with links, surveys etc.... but here's my 2c.

    The question you have to ask yourself... where do you want to secure your bike, for how long is it going to stand there, and what is the exposure.

    After that...

    1. Fit an alarm. Cheapies from Jaycar or the like.
    2. Get a nice and sturdy cable to tie your bike to a lamppost when in town, or a floorbolt when at home in the shed
    3. Get a disklock...

    Of course... make sure your insurance is in order...

    There is also a whole thread on this at https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=22926&start=0

    Another fact a lot of people don't mention is to be sensible. Don't park your bike away from people around a corner. Much more difficult to get up to mischief where lots of eyes are looking at you !

    Keep safe
  3. Goz, I noticed in your last thread that your a Porters resident in an apartment block - basement parking I assume. Me too.
    Security Basement parking as our agents like to tell us is a load of bollucks, and I know my cars busted into whilst parked.

    On my bike, I use a Xena Alarm disc lock. Theyre about $90 bucks. I also recommend a big fat chain lock around a concrete pylon whilst parked at home.
    I also like to park my bike, practically touching my car, that way when my neighbours parked next too me, hes got enough room to get out, but theres not enough room to get the bike out between the cars. (There are pylons front and rear).
    My bikes probably about the same weight as yours, so yeah ive got the same concern about it being carried off.

    But after all that... Insurance, Insurance, Insurance. Nothing else would help me sleep at night. Cos if the ba$tards want your car/bike/other valuables, they will get it.


  4. Thanks for the tips Mo - yeah I'm in a basement apartment block (well - not me.. the bike) and its not the most amazing security. A neighbour who owns a GSXR750 and I are going halves in a dirty big chain and we're going to chain our bikes to a concrete pylon with a common key. I think that's the best policy. The chain is big enough to clear a forest so I doubt we'll have any trouble once that is attached - just need that disk lock you recommended for parking away from home

    Cheers again for advice - everyone's opinion is helpful to a new bloke like me

  5. yep that's a good option. for the disk lock you could look at xena disk lock. (www.xenasecurity.com/) they're not bad for the price and you won't ride off with it still attached to your front disk.
  6. I use.............umm, I um, I use QBE, yep, thats what I use for security :cool:

    Disklock, rattle snake, grobets, it's all academic. If they want it they'll take it.

    A skateboard beats a disklock in an instant.

    A XENA lock will probably just cause noise as they are stealing it. No one takes notice of security alarms these days.
  7. i do when my bike is parked a few metres from my bedroom and work desk. :wink:
  8. Would turn a few heads though, wheeling a Bike on a Skateboard whilst wailing 110dB.

    But as you stated (as have I) insurance is the key, cos if they want it theyll get it.
  9. My only suggestion would be to steer well clear of any locks manufactured by Kryptonite - I don't know if they've changed their circular key and lock style recently, but two years ago they had an "issue" with their circular keys.

    It became common knowledge that their "unpickable" circular locks, drillproof, shatterproof and resistant to any conventional locksmith or metalworking tool as they might be, can easily be picked by a $0.20 BIC biro in 30 seconds or less by someone with no practice or lockpicking skill. :p

    One of the many, many news articles and forum rants: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/191201_bikelocks17.html

    If they've changed their key and lock style to something more, uh, resiliant, then perhaps they're worth a look. Otherwise... Buyer beware. :)
  10. Spots - good feedback thanx
    If they are going cheap I will know why - cheers