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Bike Security In Public Garage

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. My bike gets delivered in 4 weeks and it will be stored in my work garage which has about 5 car spots in it with about 5-8 people with keys and access.

    I want to mae sure the bike stays where it is, and will have a bike cover on it.

    Any ideas on how I can make sure it stays safe and keep of prying eyes?

    It's a 2008 VSTAR 650 CUSTOM
  2. You've already taken the first step by choosing that model :rofl:

    I am of course joking. You could get an anchor and chain the bike to it if you are permitted to bolt one to the floor.
  3. Give the cover a bashing. Make it look old. Throw some pant on it, etc. A flash, new cover suggests a flash, new bike.
  4. You should be fairly safe, although if it does turn pear shaped at least you can narrow the possible thief down to 8....?
  5. You can buy purpose made anchors (as mentioned above) that dynabolt into the concrete. My local cycling store has them, but the same ones are used for motorcycles, & industrial machinery. About $170 for the kit & then you buy the chain/wire locking stuff to hook to your bike.

    I'm going to be getting one for my bike, even though it's a crappy little Across; if stolen, at least my insurance would take the floor anchor into account more than me just leaving the bike 'locked' but not 'secured' in a (generally) public access area.
  6. I saw the price and told them to bugger off.

    $7 for a pair of trailor Jockey wheel U bolts from supercheap and $30 for a Ramset concrete epoxy tube from Bunnings.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yes, thats two ground anchors for $37. Thats $18.50 each if you're going halvies with someone.

    Might not be quite as secure as the shop model, but a shite load cheaper. If they're prepared to cut through 12mm bolts then they've brought the tools to get through your chain, etc anyway.

    I also have an Across. I've had one stolen and my current one attempted to be stolen. I still can't justify paying the extra for something that is really only a visual deterant / delaying device. If they really want the bike, they'd get it either way.

    Maybe i'll write the word "OXFORD" on it in permanent marker lol.

    *Note - Thats not the exact ramset tube i got. I got one that fits in a standard caulking gun.
  7. You can get an anchor setup for $20-$30 not including chain.
  8. Thats the way right there, if its good enough for securing concrete structures its good enough to anchor your chain
  9. I guess it depends where you live & how much you respect your body corp etc.

    I own my place & want it to:
    a) look good,
    b) be acceptable to body corp, and
    c) be something that people can drive over/into/walk on etc without possibly damaging themselves, their vehicle or the anchor (& thereby avoid suing me or the body corp or whatever for associated damage/injury costs) both now, and once I start renting my place out.

    In view of the insurance, if the 'system' is something that's been tested & has a guarantee, then insurance is more likely to go "ok here's your money" not "F, off that looks like rubbish how do we know that'd hold a puppy down".

    So I'm not going to settle for cheap & nasty for those various reasons. Perhaps others might find themselves in the same boat.

    ps. if anyone put something that looked that crap in a place that I owned without seeking permission first, there'd be some hard words right there first up, so worth consideration from that aspect as well. :wink:
  10. I just bought a thick steal thingo like this ---> ___/\___
    Only its not pointy. Its a smooth dome curve.

    I then dynabolted this into the ground. You can also use theft resistant bolts.

    Feed the chain through the kink and through your front tyre and your bike aint going nowhere.

    The beauty about this is vehicles can role over it, park on it etc.

  11. disk_1/tom: cool! That's the one! So it works a treat? You likie? I'm yet to buy one, but am keen to hear from those who already have one. :)