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Bike security - chained? shackle-locked?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by whitenite, May 6, 2008.

  1. #1 whitenite, May 6, 2008
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    See this video (thanx gsxr movistar!) on youtube:



    They were testing on chains, and it's well-known to be unsafe to have yr chain or even U-shackle lock lying on the ground after securing yr wheel. Gives the tea-leaf more leverage with his devices.

    I use a Abus Granit shackle, but the video shows they tested the Abus Granit chain, and that lasted some 17 seconds! Not sure how long my shackle wd last, but anyway it's secured either thru the forks or rear swing arm-brace.
  2. is this shackled to an object, or to the bike itself?
    if someone really wants your bike, they will find a way, no matter what :?
  3. Leave it in the centre of your garage, door fully open and bike unsecured.

    Also leave a fully automatic motion sensing sentry gun in the far corner, loaded and ready to rock and roll.

  4. Rednob, I like the way you think ... :twisted:

    However, as someone said, if they really want your bike, they'll get it.

    To discourage them:

    * I use a braided steel cable through the front wheel and suspension. It's a "no-name" brand but about as thick (or thicker) than my thumb. May not stop 'em if they know what they're doing -- but looks damn obvious to anyone else! :cool: I've parked it in country pubs where the drunks were prolific -- but no trouble so far.
  5. A chain is only as good as it's weakest link/the padlock.
  6. i see my locks as more of a "pick another bike" device than something that really offers any real security

    i think my disc lock will last 3.... 4 seconds max on a determined thief, from there in its just a matter of prying out the ignition

    at home i have a U lock bolting it to a pole thats also more of a delaying device, i can probably hear the alarm on the motion sensor before they can eat through all my locks - thats all i have as an advantage though.

    insurance, is the best protection
  7. +1.

    And seeing as how most of the bikes I see parked rely on the steering lock only (if that) and often have an unsecured helmet dangling from the mirror, I reckon my bike won't be the first to disappear.

    Of course, it helps to own a bike that noone wants to brush up against, let alone steal :grin: .
  8. Rust is also useful for that :LOL:.
  9. x2

    When the pro's hit our unit complex 4 bikes went (including mine) and more than a dozen cars broken into. They scope you out first and then come prepared. I shackle my bike to the concrete floor but I know it won't stop my bike going if someone knows what they're doing... Its really just to discourage the opportunistic pricks that munged up my ignition last time.

    Assuming the following:
    - Only when: you're bike is parked in a secured parking location not open to the general public, all residents with access are advised of the danger, there is no risk to anyone else's property...

    Would you booby-trap your motorcycle?

    A) Yes. Something like tear-gas would be cool & no damage to bike. But the thief has the opportunity to try again...
    8) No.
    C) Yes. I hope the would-be thief is injured. Small damage to bike ok.
    D) Yes. I hope the would-be thief is killed. Small damage to bike ok.
    E) Yes. I hope the would-be thief is injured - only if no damage to bike is possible.
    F) Yes. I hope the would-be thief is killed - only if no damage to bike is possible.

    I think I'm an E man... and I've never been to a rave in my life. But if the bike was otherwise going to be damaged or go missing, then C is cool too.
    If it's not first offence, then I'd be ok with D or F.
  11. you forgot G) mad max style,blow the whole lot,bike,thief,everything!! :LOL:
  12. Isn't the mad-max option to chain their ankle to the bike and set it on fire, then give them a rusty hacksaw and the information that they have enough time to get through their leg, but not the chain?
  13. "touch those tanks and BOOM!"
  14. A fella, a quick fella, might have a weapon under there. I'd have to pin his head to the panel.
  15. Godda love Mad Max, when are we doing that tour again?

    jd has a point, rust is a great theft deterrent. So is a red, white and purple paint scheme on a 10 year old 600cc. I might even add some NOS stickers to for greater effect.
  16. Bare in mind the bolt cutters they're using are not only hard to obtain but also very expensive. I seriously doubt your average theif would have a set in his kit.
  17. its the pros you have to worry about.. and im sure they have bolt cutters like that as well as some other goodies..
  18. At my place I have Jack (hairy dog #1) and Reddog (hairy dog #2) and a six foot perimeter fence.

    No problems thus far...........
  19. Have to admit that 'park next to flasher bikes, and in very public areas' is about as much as I do at the moment.
  20. As it's been said before, it's true, if they want your bike, they'll get it. But thick chains, heavy-duty padlocks, just make it harder for em so you may be lucky enough for them to try elsewhere.

    I've got a thick arse chain with a chunky padlock around the front tyre, looped around a big arse metal pipe which is cemented into the ground........oh, also a shotgun and a .22 with a scope just in case they're fast runners or have a car waiting :twisted: