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Bike security and disc locks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ageg, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just got a new bike and was wondering whats the type of security usually used by bike riders?....What are you reccomendations?.. Disc locks? Chain? good alarms? tried a search of security and nothing came up for me of use.

  2. this has been done a billion times.
    NOTHING will stop a determined thief except being blasted with fragshell.
    chains/locks etc only stop the opportunists. get comprehensive insurance
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  3. Love it TheForgotten! Very true.

    If someone wants the bike they will take it. Chains and disc locks only do so much... Get comprehensive insurance for peace of mind.
  4. ^^ exactly what they said!
    I use a disc lock to deter opportunistic idiots stealing or moving my bike, but if someone really wants to steal it then its as good as gone.
  5. Get a chain
    Get a Lion
    Chain the Lion to the Bike
    Job Done
  6. umm ok, not really the responses i was thinking of but ok. I do have full comp on my bike, but was thinking of added security to deter the amature bike flogger, i understand that if someone really wanted to steal the bike it can be done. Im just after a few other security options to try and add difficulty to taking it.... that's all..
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  7. If you have steering lock what extra will a disc lock do? If they can pick the lock on your bike can't they just pick the lock on the disclock too?

    Comprehensive insurance is too expensive for a Learner on a 650. I'd have to either total my bike or have it stolen every 2 years for it to be worth investing in..
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    Most insurances offer third party (which you should have at a barest minimum) and then optional fire and theft cover, which is usually only 100-150 more a year then third party. You just miss out on accident cover for yourself, rental cars, towing, gear cover, cover if someone crunches your bike and runs, and many extras incl in comprehensive cover... but gives you peace of mind with theft at least...

  9. My comprehensive insurance was just over $400 for my 650, and I'm a learner. Mind you, I'm 43 and have full no claim bonus on my car that was applied to reduce the premium. My bike also has an immobiliser, and I don't bother about disc locks/chains. At night it's parked in a garage where our two dogs sleep, too.
  10. Big hardened steel chain with a good padlock (a real, high security one, not a $5 toy) is good because you can chain the bike to something immovable to prevent it being lifted into a van. Trouble is, that's bulky, heavy and hard to stash. OK if you've got panniers or a top box. Don't sling it over your shoulder. Many people do (including me once upon a time) but it's not wise to crash like that.

    Currently I use an Oxford disc lock 'cos it's what will fit in the stash tube on the DR. I haven't even got a reminder cord on it because there isn't the room. If someone with a van wants my bike, it's gone. It's one of the reasons I keep my bikes in a state that looks actively contagious. Noone wants to brush up against them, let alone steal them :twisted:.

    The point of a good lock is to move the potential thief on from your bike to the 1098 parked next to it with only the steering lock on. Selfish, but that's the way it works.
  11. Disc lock
    park in good well lit spaces and avoid having to leave it somewhere overnight cause you got too drunk to ride home.
    Insurance .. if it goes as least you will get something back.

    Ride it .. then nobody can steal it..
  12. I can break at least some steering locks with no tools. Used to be able to, anyway, before I got old and soft. I can't do that with a disc lock so I assume few thieves can either. Any who can can probably tuck your bike under one arm to carry it away anyhow.
  13. I've had attempts to steal my bike when its had locks and even chained to the concrete floor. I think i am up around 7 odd claims, averaging more than one a year. Problem is that no one sees their attempts at 3-4am.

    I got a paging alarm with shock and proximity.
    Its very sensitive and obnoxious.
    It hasn't been touched since.

    Search my threads for details.
  14. But what do you do if you are not parking at the cafe?
  15. I got an alarm just to stop people sitting on my bike !
  16. My bike is unsecure, but so are my Pitbull and Rottweiler, so good luck.

  17. For a 250cc bike worth about $4k I got quoted $2,400 with an excess of $1800 for comp - if you're under 25 comprehensive is not an option. This is with 0 suspension or demerit points or at fault claims
    TPP is under $200 for me but add theft onto it it climbs to over $600 a year
  18. Alarmed disc lock + heavy duty chain chaining the bike to a telegraph pole is how i secure my bike. Also going to put on a U-Lock on my rear tire for extra deterrence. Also its under a cover.

    Not had an issue thus far. As toadcat said if your under 25 its the best you can do really. Compo would be at least 2.5k for me and my bike is worth about 4.
  19. Telegraph pole ? Telegraph ? You in the 18th century ? :LOL:

    Problem is that relies on always having some large solid object (or telegraph pole) to tie up to.

    I tried to chain my bike to a pole once. Jeez, wasn't the dancer upset !!!