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bike seat vs riding position

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by voyager, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Never being one to shy away from the controversial (or plain ridiculous), here's the next installment in "stupid tekanogical questions"...

    Bike Seats

    A few details: I have an old XV250 with flat bars (more room), and I'm a shade under 2m tall (6'5 in the old scale). Trouble is, the comfortable position on the bike sees me sitting on the back end of the main seat - NEARLY on the pillion. This is leading to an uncomfortable ride, and inevitable back problems.

    SO - here's the big question - whats the best way to solve this ? Do I try replacing/rebuilding/etc the seating arrangments on the bike, or do I need to sit forwards (if I do this, the bars impact my knees on a slow turn) ?

    Has anyone else had this trouble ? How did you solve it ?

    Some advice here would be MOST useful, or I may have to take some drastic measures which I do NOT want to consider at this time.

    Damn Victoria and their stupid 250cc learner laws !!!!

    ((hey, do you think I could sue VicRoads for injuries sustained over thier 250cc law ? They can't say "too tall, too bad" as thats discrimination - likewise I have as much right to ride a bike as anyone else... hmm...))
  2. what about adjusting the pegs back further ?
    that way if you sit forward your knees are still back further .
    or adjust the angle of the handle bars , is it possible ?
    the further you sit back the more weight you put on your arms and shoulders , well thats what i find .
  3. Maybe I wasn't too clear on the problem...

    When I sit on the far back edge of the seat, everything ELSE is comfortable - arms, feet, etc - except that I'm not exactly SITTING comfortably (and its starting to cause some back problems).

    If it sit on the seat like you're supposed to, everything else is uncomfortable.

    I'm wondering if I should be sitting there REGARDLESS of my height and other comfort factors, or if I should do something about the seat itself so I can continue to sit where I want to.
  4. comfort is paramount so I would adjust the seat , or even padding in the seat to allow you to sit back further
  5. Any ideas on HOW ?
  6. this isnt exactly the same and the words are in chinese , but it will give you an idea on how to pull the seat apart and the tools you need to change the shape of the seat using the pictures .
    its actually for putting a gel pad in , but it might give you some idea's

    http://trezer2001.hp.infoseek.co.jp/diy seat.html
  7. Thanks - will take a look at it.
  8. Mate.......You are the biggest guy on probably the lowest bike in existance.....What made you choose a Viraga or did you win it in raffle?
  9. lol i read it as Viagra.
  10. :( Mate you have my sympathies" After spending the first 5 months on one of those wee beasties my butt and my back told me to move on.
    My six foot, 90kg body just wasn't made for these things and like yourself i was perched on the ridge of the seat.
    This made my bum numb after 10 mins add my back was sore as hell. I couldn't find any way of adjusting any bloody thing on the little beastie so it had to go.......long story short.....poor bike selection and at five foot seventeen you may find the same applies.
    Cheers Andy
  11. Know what you mean, I'm only 6'1 and found the bike (virago) to be not quite right in the length between the back of the seat and the pegs-problem solvedwith a little yammy SR, upright possie and I can see much further...hopt the seat thing works... :)
  12. What made me choose it ? It was fine at the store before I clocked up some km on it. I still like everything else about it apart from the seat issue.

    I'm going to try and yank BOTH the seats off and attack the foam with a knifeblade to level it down, then I'll put a sheepskin cover on it. Should deal with the problem nicely I hope!!!

    Does anyone know of a way to re-mount a seat a few inches further back on the chassis ? I don't care if it costs me the pillion seat in the process.