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Bike seat - material and colour choice?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.

    Wonder if any of you can help me out please.

    I want to get the rear seat of my R850R BMW recovered in a matching colour to the bike, Mystic Red, I think it is.

    Now, in the past, I've had seats recovered and found that auto upholsterers could do a fine job, but often didn't have much in the way of suitable materiel in the colour I wanted.

    Back in the mists of antiquity, I had found a place that sold just the materiel, it was down in towards Liverpool, I think, but can't remember the sordid details, so, anyone know of such a place, or, alternatively, anyone know of an auto upholsterer who stocks lots of colours?

    I'm in Beecroft, and have had a seat recovered successfully in Hornsby, but I had to supply the bright yellow materiel.
  2. Bummer....

    Yesterday, I went looking for the bloke in Hornsby that did the seat cover for my Triumph, but he seems to have disappeared.

    Anyone got a recommended auto trimmer in the Hornsby area?
  3. The Chairman Upholstery Sydney .....Leon Berg. Unit 4, 17 DicksonAve, Artarmon 1800424247
    Sydney Motor trimmers 8E Hiles Ave , Alexandria
  4. Cheers and thanks for that Rennsport.

    I'll give the Artarmon bloke a go, 'cos I'm not sure if my passport is valid to get to Alexandria any more.
  5. An update to this business....

    Talking to a couple of mates who actually know about paints, they told me that there was such a thing as Vinyl paint, and, since the seat cover was in good nick, I thought I'd give that a try.

    Thanks to one of those mates, they wiped down the seat cover with thinners, then sprayed the seat with a can of vinyl paint.

    Several coats later, all up perhaps 45 minutes, and I had a red rear seat for my BMW.

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  6. Nice seat : nice bike!
  7. If prepped right those paints can be quite impressive. Looks like it covered the black well. Will be keen to hear how it wears - whether any transfers onto clothing through heat/moisture.