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Bike Scam???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by thefloppy1, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    thought I would share this.

    I am selling the Ducati Monster 400. it's on bikesales.com.au and ebay.

    I have been contacted by a buyer, things were going to ok until I got this email.

    This is 500 more than the asking price..
    Last night I got the following..


    Note the email address "links_safetycenter@consultant.com"

    I also go this...

    The funds haven't reached my account, I am not going to pay somebody for shipping, that is the buyers job. I have contacted paypal as well.

    I think they are trying to get me to spend cash to get the money released, they pull the transaction, and they get the $2100 they want me to spend.

    Of course I could be wrong and this isn't a scam and it is all legit, but I thought I would share it.
  2. Not an expert in this area but asking you to give 2k to some western union, sounds dodgy.
  3. Its a scam. Seen heaps of people talking about it on different forums.
  4. yes it is a scam
  5. ofcourse its a scam, there are many threads here like that

    you log into your paypal account like you normaly would, not via the links they provide in their email and you will see there is no money there, to many people are gullible these days
  6. HUGE scam!!!!!!!!!
  7. can you visit the police about it? at least youve kept track of things.
  8. Don't think there's any point... there are so many of these scams for all sorts of different items.
  9. You right, there is no point in heading to the Police, everything is coming from OS.

    But there is a thing call scammer baiting.. http://www.thescambaiter.com/
    could be fun.

    or in this case because I can't be stuffed. I will let paypal deal with it. I contacted the fraud department at paypal, before I posted here.

    I am starting to get some funny emails about being 100% protected in this transaction, if I send money to XXXX....
  10. Are you selling or buying,

    If your selling, they give you all the money, You dont pay nothing, Except paypals charge,

    Its a good way of getting $2100-00 out of you,
  11. scam, end of... I do love scam baiting personally :D
  12. 100% a Scam, do a Google search and you will find 100's of emails like these.
  13. when i sold my vespa a while back, i must have had at least 30 of these scam emails...they all follow a pretty similar story so not hard to spot..
  14. It's a scam. I think the "Aye's" have it on that score.

    Email them back and let them know that you have checked your paypal account and the funds haven't cleared and you will not release the bike till then. Eventually you will get well faked emails purporting to be from paypal threatening legal action - it's all crap.

    I also like sellers asking scammers why they didn't pay the shipper fees direct??

    Keep us posted.
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