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Bike SCAM on Ebay??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by N4V0, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. While I was looking for another bike, since I crashed my other (NSR150SP) and its done for, I came across this cbr250rr (matte black, 29xxx km's) which was a steal for the price. For no reason at all i typed the rego number into google, and found out that the same bike was sold over a month ago with 88,661 km's done.

    Same Number Plate, same bike.


    - Bike over a month ago.


    - Same bike back on sale, different user, only 29,000 km's?!!!

    Kind of a scam?

    P.S Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I just joined today :)
  2. Something looks fishy there that's for sure.

    Current auction 29000km, $3500

    Auction going back to 25th April, 86,881km and passed in ~$1500.

    Good pickup. Welcome to NR.
  3. Could also be that the latest seller picked it up for less than 1500, put some shiny bits on (including a new instrument cluster...), and is looking to make a tidy little profit.
    Just a thought - I was of the understanding that the scammers of this sort used the same pics all the time, whereas this looks like it's changed locations AND had a tidy-up...
  4. if you look at his feedback "as a buyer" late last year and early this year he has purchased a number of parts for a CBR250
    Looks like me might have tarted it up a bit and got creative on the clock.

    he also bought some Katey Perry perfume and some Armani Undies but hey to each their own i guess.
  5. Faark, you can stalk people on Ebay too??!
    It's like a whole new world has opened up for me...

  6. Go forth and multiply
  7. ahahahahahahaha

    it's been on gumtree for a while now too
  8. dodgeh!
  9. maybe [MENTION=33548]5-0[/MENTION] could have the rozzers look into it.
  10. Original auction was ended early by the seller so we dont know how much it went for.
    No details on the current auction, he MAY have built one good one out of a couple, if he's been buying other bits as well. If the current engine number matches the original auction, then its possibly fraud? (I know theres a mention somewhere in the law about false declarations and tampering with speedo readings)
    Either way, if youre serious about this one, get the current engine/Vin numbers, and check them against the original auction. Or, wait for another one to come up..
  11. He is offering local pickup, if you buy it just check REVS and pay cash and you will be fine. (well from fraud at least).

    Edit: Sent him a request to come look at it. BTW I hate how people have "Sydney" as their suburb Sydney is a big place.

    Edit 2: 1000 posts woohoo 4 helmets
  12. edit 1 - then change it if you don't like it :p

    edit 2 - congrats :D
  13. been a while since I had to do a pink slip but from what I remember the k's travelled are on there. So long as an engine hasn't been changed shouldn't there be some way to knock this sort of BS on the head.
  14. It's at Wentworthville. I'd shot him an email (saw it on gumtree about 3 or so weeks ago).

    Never got round to it though, exams came up too fast.
  15. Scams on Ebay?????
  16. Thanks for your feedback everyone :). I dont think im going to go for this bike, the price is even fishy for a CBR250RR with that many km's. I think im just going to look for another NSR150SP, I loved that bike ;).