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Bike salesmen!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. **EDIT~ Identifying points have been removed to avoid further friction and to protect the innocent ~EDIT**


    been looking around at different bikes recently, and its amazing just how much of a c%&t some bike salesmen can be! i speak mainly of the guy over at [NAME OF BIKE STORE REMOVED BY POSTER] and yes, i will name and shame him, its [NAME OF SALESPERSON REMOVED BY POSTER, SORRY], if you are ever at [NAME OF BIKE STORE REMOVED BY POSTER] looking at bikes, ask somebody ELSE. (tanyathecheeky off this forum works there i believe...)

    i went there on saturday, looking to test ride a bike or two, and that is what i told him, i was not looking to purchase, just to get a feel for what bike i WOULD EVENTUALLY purchase. he starts off by asking me my limit, not waiting for me to volunteer the information. so i told him 3k, or maybe 4 k for a reallly great deal. so he nicks off into a room for a while, i start chatting to the counter staff and get half way through placing an order for a pair of draggin knee armor inserts, and he comes back, interupts the counter staff mid sentence, and says he has found 2 bikes i might be interested in, both were around the 5.5k mark!!! i told him politely as i could that those were well above my afforementioned limit, and he goes "ah! i have the perfect bike for you!" and drags me AWAY from the kind, helpful front counter staff to look at the Scorpio, which it turns out i was rather interested in at the time (not any more, dont worry). he said that he could probably do it for 4.5k on road, which i was sorta ok with considering the 2 year warranty and the newness of it. so i asked him for a test ride, and all of a sudden it was

    "umm, err, not really, maybe if you put a deposit on the bike i could get you a test ride. i could convince the boss if you were 99.9% sure u were gonna buy the bike, then maybe". i thought it might have been coz it was a showroom model, not a demo, so i asked him if there was another team moto with a demo on hand or if he could get in a demo, and once again, "umm, err, not really" then he really surprised me with "you dont really need to test ride a bike before u buy it, look at the financials, the great deal you are getting, the insurance, blah blah blah blah blah, then work out which is the best ride for you, then test ride it just to make sure". i was like WTF! he then topped this pearler with "you could go out, ride a dozen different bikes, take 6 months to do it all, and by the end of it, be all confused as to which one rode the best, and then your back to square one, or you could decide on the best deal available to you and go with that"

    maybe HE can get confused between a dozen different options, but seriously, not great advice to give... at the point i was basically convinced that i was driving down to city yamaha (who were more than happy to give me a test ride, even though it was just before shutting time). The annoying thing about this is that he probably sucks in a lot of noob riders without such a good support network such as NetRider, with this very pitch...

    i asked him one last question on his personal idea about third part property vs comp insurance, which he still managed to spin into a sales pitch for the Scorpio (FFS!), so i basically, pulled myself away, went back inside to speak to the counter staff (Jade, and the other lady that was on that day, i didnt catch her name), who were much nicer people than this c%&k, finalised my order for my knee thingamajigs, and left, almost laughing at this moron. if one thing was clear to me (and not much was at this point), it was that i was not buying that bike from THAT knob. [sarcasm]what a salesman![/sarcasm]

    Contrast this to my experience with AllBikes on Moss St at Slacks Creek today. I went in, looked around for the bike i was looking to ride, couldnt find one, asked at the counter, the guy come forward, pointed one out that was in behind a few others, then apologised that he was showing me something that i didnt actually ask for and showed me the zzr's and a hyosung gt250r, quoting prices of 4.5ish for all of them, which i then informed him were about 1.5 above my intended budget. which he then says, "great, just showing you a few options if you wanted to spend bigger, but the [bike i was looking for] would be good for you.", goes over, moves 2 bikes to get to it, i ask him for a test ride, and he says that he will get the mechanic to start it up (as the store has a crap load of bikes, not all of them get started on a daily basis),

    and it was mainly a jump so it didnt flatten the battery, and i listened as he did it out back and it sounded normal, started on first turn over and the mechanic just revved it a bit to warm it up and charge the battery back up. i get to shoot around the block, on my own, (better than city yamaha, what was i gonna do if unsupervised, take off on a scorpio at 80kmh redlining it in 5th? :LOL:), loved how the bike rode, didnt seem to have any mechanical problems at all (even though i maybe hit only 5th once, didnt touch 6th).

    then after, instead of giving me some high pressure sales pitch, he just has a chat to me about it, says he will chuck rwc and rego in with the bike, as well as any tune ups to get the bike in top running order so the only orc i will have to pay is 3% stamp duty. he then does the one thing that i never thought a bike dealer would do and talked to me about the private seller price for a similar bike. and said that i could probably save maybe 700-1000 bucks from what he was offering, but that would be sans rego/rwc (which was exactly what i had found), and also said that even though they dont offer a 'contractual' warranty on the bikes, if something happens with it within a reasonable time of sale, they would fix it up for free, and told about a guy that bought a bike off them, a week or so later busted a fork seal, and they are fixing it free of charge for him some time this week. he also said that they (being a private business, in the area for 25 years), will look after me with mechanicals if i buy through them, but also threw in there that even if i decide to go private, they would still be nice to me.

    also, when i mentioned that i was wanting to learn how to do my own wrench work, he said that they would let me bring my bike it, and they would talk me through basic stuff (oil change, filters, etc, mainly shit that they couldnt be bothered to do themselves anyway), and not charge me.

    the overall experience was that he was a genuine bloke offering a genuine service looking out for me, not his sales targets, and i would most definitely go back there, and would recommend anybody to go there also.

    dont get me wrong here, i LOVE team moto's range, sales staff and service for gear, and as well i should, they have given me great deals on every item i have bought so far. but buy a bike through them? get f$#@&d!


    btw, i apologise if i stood on anybody's toes with the above rant, especially if [NAME OF SALESPERSON REMOVED BY POSTER] or a friend of [NAME OF SALESPERSON REMOVED BY POSTER] is a member of the forum, but really, it needs to be said.

    P.S. shop at AllBikes
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    Good read. Pity i don't live in brisvegas and can't really heed your advice...

    Noob question... but what is a scorpio?
  3. A Scorpio is a 225 cc single cylinder Yamaha. Some good discussion of then in Reviews and Suggestions at the moment.
  4. My rule on vehicle shopping:

    As soon as the sales person starts talking consistently over-budget, get out of there.
  5. Good call, screwball.

    (Hey, I'm interviewing for a job at Griffith (Uni) Gold Coast later this week, so if all goes well we might be able to catch up for coffee some time once I start there)
  6. I agree buddy some people just have no idea, and yeah you are right there should be more support for new riders.
    They fail to realise that if they treat you the right way you may just become repeat business.
    One word of advice with regards to Allbikes! Be carefull!
    I bought my first bike from there and was exited about the prospect, asked alot of questions about the bike i was buying and got a few roundabout answers that should of sounded alarm bells in my mind but........
    Anyway long story short i purchased a bike which i loved unaware it was a repairable write off with substandard repairs to it(found after took fairings off) and rode around for 3months on a bike that had no safety certificate, if it wasnt for the fact i popped in one day at the transport department and asked why i had not gotten my rego sticker yet (they ran the vin through and told me the bike was a repairable write off from NSW) and i had not received the sticker because it hadnt gone for inspection yet?
    Bought my current bike from city yamaha and havent had a problem yet?
    If you are gonna buy from Allbikes take someone who knows a thing or two that can help you as a lot of their bikes are grey imports and repairable write offs fixed in house(look out the back wonder why there are so many second hand spares out the back)
    Good luck and remember sometimes its better to wait a bit longer save a bit more money and get something a bit better for your peace of mind and happy riding.

    Keep the shiny side up :grin:
  7. Well, we've now met I'm the other nameless lady at the counter :)


    I'ts illegal to sell a rego'd bike without a rwc.

    And I've printed out this thread.. Chris is a really nice guy, I'd like him to see it.

    edited for neutrality
  8. hmm, lot of neg info about this allbikes place... i am getting them to get the rwc and rego BEFORE the sale, and they didnt seem to baulk at that one, so i guess that is above board... will a rwc fail if it is a repairable writeoff? or only if it has crappy repair work done to it? is there somewhere to get it checked whether it has been written off or not if i have the vin?

  9. So if I've got this correct...

    A salesman didn't want you to give you a test-ride of a brand new motorcycle that you had just told him you couldn't afford and were not going to buy anyway. So he's a big fat poopoo head.

    Another salesman let you ride a second hand bike he had on the floor, then threw in the warranty he's legally obligated to provide anyway; but explained it slowly and seemed like a nice bloke. So he's Captain Awesome.

    I reckon those guys could have swapped jobs and you'd have gotten similar treatment at each shop.

    ... but if I was shopping nearby at Team Moto I'd have interrupted to tell you not needing to test-ride bikes is bullshit.
  10. funny these people who sell bikes. im in sales and you can get around most things they hit you with.. was in melbourne, and one of the large bike shops there pretty much gave me keys to whatever i was feeling like and this was even after telling them i didnt have that much road time, as in about 50 hours or so.. guess they want sales.
  11. Anyone in sales will admit to not being on the ball all the time. Sometimes you mishandle or misjudge a customer or dig a hole for yourself by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And those are usually the sales you deservedly lose.

    Most of us, as customers, recognise this when it happens and move on. IMO, this thread is pretty unforgiving on the dealership and the rep for one encounter.......especially when the rest of the service seemed good.
  12. what she said ^^^ the ball can be dropped sometimes and shouldnt judge an entire company on that one experience
  13. i agree, when your in sales its all about qualifying your customers, and i hate to say that this chris guy probably didnt think it was worth his time. Maybe he made a mistake,maybe he didnt but that was a judgement call on his behalf,not the company. :)
  14. Given that you name the salesman I think I’ll reply, cos frankly I think that's way out of line and so you're making a dick of yourself.

    That’s common and reasonable. I’ve been told the same thing – come back when you’re almost certain and if so then you can take it out. You’re obviously a noob and I would let it out on those terms only, and would think second about letting it out to a noob like you.

    Again, he’s right in thinking you don't know what you're talking about, he's giving you good advice there!

    Bollocks you can’t! In fact you could get a great used bike for $2.5 with ORC if you knew what you were looking at. Mate, what you’re describing IS a sales pitch! :roll:

    Frankly, given you’re tone and your naming of the fellow, that’s a bit bloody disingenuous! No it didn’t need to be said, you’re wrong ignorant and arrogant, and you’re the bad guy here! Pull your hot head in noob, naming people for a public unjustified biatch session like this is NOT OK!
  15. +1 Ktulu

    Lobsta went in, said he had 3 grand and wasn't buying today, then asked to test ride a brand new bike costing half again his budget. The salesman could possibly have been a bit more direct in trying to describe that situation, but in many ways he'd have been derelict in his duties to his employer to let someone with limited experience test ride a bike with no chance of a sale and a good chance of pranging it and not being able to pay for it.

    I hope if you give Chris the thread, Tanya, you'll give him all of it so he realises that not all Netriders fit in the same basket.
  16. for those of you in sales you will know that it can be great and can be crap also. i wouldnt give a guy with $3K the keys to a $6k bike without some kind of indication of a sale... butttt.. those keys may get that sale..pop quiz eh. put it down to a bad day
  17. thats like trying on a pair of underwear and telling the sales person im not going to leave a skid mark on it.
  18. More generally though, if you're a genuine buyer, trying to decide between bikes, and a salesman denies a test ride on one of the bikes in the price range by giving the "we need a signed contract and a deposit" bullshit... then they deserve to lose the sale.

  19. thats like trying on a pair of underwear and telling the sales person im not going to leave a skid mark on it.[/quote]

    that is pure gold
  20. i've had both experiences. i had $10K to spend and the guy wouldn't let me test ride a bike. bad luck, lost sale then and there and i made sure i drove by the dealership later that week after telling his boss.

    another time i was just pricing bikes ( not asking for a test ride ) and the guy was throwing keys at me.

    i'd have to say that if you only had that to spend he may not have thought it was worth your or his time to ride.