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Bike sales up, car sales down in UK

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Biking ever more popular,
    Latest figures from the Motor Cycle Industry association (MCI) have shown a one per cent year on year rise in motorbike sales – seemingly a very modest performance until you compare it to the a 6.6 per cent decline in car sales.

    MCI figures show a 32 per cent increase of adventure bike sales – largely due to the BMW R1200GS – a 15 per cent increase in naked bike sales and a seven per cent increase in custom bike sales.

    Moped and scooter sales were down through the year. The MCI estimates that 3.5 million people now have motorcycle licences.

    "People’s interest in motorcycling is broadening and there are more reasons than ever for people to either continue riding or start, whether it is for leisure or commuting purposes," MCI spokesman Craig Carey-Clinch told Motor Cycle News

    "Safer roads, avoiding congestion, affordable motor bike insurance and adopting a cost-effective and convenient way of travelling are just some of the explanations that maintain motorcycling's appeal," he added.

    How do recent Aussie figures compare? Surely with our great climate we should also be seeing significant increases?
  2. was talking to nrma today for some ctp insurance and the lady said that she's had alot of people call up for motorcycle insurance lately.......due to the petrol prices we both assumed.
  3. Yeah, I was in a queue at the local servo behind a very attractive lady who was paying for fuel for the V8 Falcon in which a guy was waiting.
    She was moving away from the counter when I paid, $16.85, and she muttered "Is that all???" :D
  4. Another sign that bike ownership is increasing is that motorcycles now make up 20% of all fatalities and serious injuries on UK roads (or could this just be due to the fact that the only people left driving are perhaps those that shouldn't be?)
  5. When I regoing the bike at the RTA, the woman behind the counter said they've been getting a lot more bike/scooter registrations lately.
  6. It wouldn't be that motorcyclists can SOMETIMES ride faster and take more risks? Nahh, that couldn't be right! :LOL:
  7. It's never the motorcyclists fault, we're perfect O:) O:) :evil: O:) :LOL:
  8. Does the source state what percentage of total registrations motorcycles constitute?
  9. No, but it does state that motorcycles make up just 1% of all road traffic, though over there 70% of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle (which is usually at fault, except in cases where the rider is killed). Checking another source it seems motorcycles make up about 3.3% of all registered vehicles.
  10. 1% of total traffic, and 20% of casualties? I know bikes are more dangerous than cars, but am I the only one that finds this figure a little hard to swallow? You get better odds in russian roulette with 5 loaded chambers.
  11. That's 20% of all fatalities and serious injuries, still given the congestion on city streets and the fact that nearly 40% of all bike registrations are scooters I can see how this would be possible - still a scary thought though. If you want to read the UKs motorcycle strategy yourself you can download the pdf file
  12. Thanks for the link, but I am, (a) too lazy, and (b), have no faith in statistics presented by academics. I am happy just applying 'Occam's Razor', and I just don't think it cuts it here. I could be wrong, but I am happy in my error.
  13. The figures quoted by the industry at the AMC meeting in Canberra a while back were a projected 8% overall increase in registrations nationally. That was for all types - onroad and offroad. Offroad bikes outsell onroad bikes by a significant margin.

    A projected 8% increase is a massive increase -and those projections were before the fuel price rises.

    The biggest single area of increase (both projected and actual) was in scooters. I'll try to dig the actual figures out (they're in hard copy and I'll need to find them). The interesting thing was the huge increase in brands for scooters. All sorts of Asian names that no-one's ever heard of...

  14. From the UK figures you posted, it seems that eventually a lot of those scooter riders upgrade to a real bike. Will be interesting to see if that happens here.
  15. I suspect that for those states where you need a motorcycle licence for a scooter that's true. For those that don't the figures will probably be quite different.
  16. You are probably right. In WA we are already hearing noises from the 'tinfoil hat' brigade objecting to the 'on a car licence' riders. I guess the huge increase in the visibility of scooters has put them in their sights.
  17. Cars are becoming a luxury - especially if you live in a major UK city - the costs are horrendous - and that is apart from paying $2.30AUD for petrol!

    You now have a subtile push to do the same in melbourne - new tax on car parking spaces etc. means a bike is becoming a very good option. Also many apartments in the inner city have very limited car parking.
  18. The only reason sales are down is they started puting detergent in the windscreen washer bottle and they dont like getting that close to any kind of soap :LOL:
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    You can definitely get into trouble just sitting there Glen...