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bike sales at a all time high?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wernicke, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. best day for a ride and i was stuck moving house. i have never seen as many bikes on the road before as i did today. are bike sales at a all time high or something?

  2. nah, the motorcycling gods are just angry at you :LOL:
  3. I noticed a lot of bikes about yesterday in Melbourne as well,

    It was the first warm and sunny day we have had for a while, brings all the fair weather riders out
  4. Yesterday my eye's teared up as I went from shop to shop getting grocery's and other stuff for the week. (I promosed to help you know who). I could have been out in the warm air on the bike.

    More tears today over cast & wet. Melbourne.

    What are my options, divorce? I heard you only tear up once? Better than twice in one weekend.
  5. your not alone i had to replace my battery so i went to mcas and B A H M ! !

    bikes everywhere.

    oh well today looks fine after the mega clean time for a mega ride :LOL:
  6. Fair weather riders, watch the accident stats as well in the next few weeks as the weather warms up.
    Weekend warriors some of them.
  7. Interestingly, by the time I got rolling on my ride, I didn't see that many bikes on the road I took... probably means they had already used the best of the day to get some decent saddle time. Lucky bastards!


    Smee, you're so right - a lot of these bikes would have been wintering in the garage... it's my hope that the stats stay down!

  8. makes me cry.. days like today and yesterday i always sit in the corner and sook. my neighbour rides a CBR250 and just took off for a ride, with me chasing him don the road cursing him.. bastard. i need a bike.. i also need to pack my stuff up to move next weeknd, but alas. here i sit, going through bikepoint and others dreaming about where should be.. out for a ride somewhere.
  9. Went past Hurstbridge about 9:30 am, Wall to Wall ducatis.

    And YES, all the riders were sitting having a coffee instead of riding!
  10. Oh, tell me about it. Yesterday I saw MY bike! Same color and everything, and the thief on it pulled up and parked beside me. Aaaarrrggghhh! 32 days to go...
    At least I got some satisfaction in finding out what he paid... $1150 more than what I'm paying :p
  11. Bike sales, registrations and licences are growing at about 11% year on year. So there are about 45,000 new bikes on the road each year (not counting unregistered dirtbikes).
  12. But how many are deregistered or have registrations expired every year? Agree its a net increase, but would be interesting to know the true figure