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Bike sale websites??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Drew, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. OK, before you all say "search"... i have....

    already know about

    ebay.com.au (just to see whats there)

    are there any others that are regarded as OK or worth a look?
  2. yep got them.... not realy willy to play the auction game though.
  3. Drew, you've been looking for a bike for how long now?

    Over a year?
  4. You can search the classifieds from the Ballarat newspaper here - quite often has cheap bikes though nothing in there at the moment except for a cheap 650 Katana.
  5. Since about June...... in that time ive moved house, needed to get a new PC, started commuting long distance for work, and now going to buy a new car...... every time i get the cash or at least a nice amount... something come up.

    if i ad all the small amounts together it'd be about 6 grand..... that's what pisses me off!! more than enough for bike and gear!!
  6. thanks for that.... a few bikes locally too but there all old chook chasers from the farms :(
  7. old chooky= super motard :)
  8. I reckon this is something that should be a sticky, just a list on bike sales sites. Maybe split up for the different states where applicable.
  9. What are you looking for?
  10. Search the local bike forums (There are quite a few) they always seem to have good bargins in them and you can go back to look at the users previous posts to see if they've had any trouble with the bike :p
  11. nah these are old almost dead chookies.... plus i want something i can put a decent rack onto... not for heavy loads just awkward shaped objects.
  12. well due to the fact my fanances get nerfed every time i look at a bike sideways......

    anything from mid 80's or so

    definately considering a GPZ250 or a VT250F if the condition and price are right. Ideally I'd love a Spada or a GPX though. Not after a world beater just reliable and able to de highway speeds withough to much trouble.

    Kraven: can you suggest a few of these forums?? guess i can search for some but any you recomend?
  13. i once heard that the ulysees (spelling?) club web-site is a good place to find bikes, often guys buy their midlife crisis machines, join the club and in a few years decide they are too old to be riding. Never tested the theory myself but maybe looking up riding clubs would give some results.
  14. thanks guys will have a look :)