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Bike sale statistics question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. When the media reports an increase in the sale of motorbikes by 16%, is that new bike sales only? Are dealer sold used bikes included? If not, then a huge source of sale info is missing, used bike sales, private imports, restorations, etcf. Wouldn't a state supplied bike registration list be more accurate? Does such a list exist for the various states as well as the nation?

  2. Private imports and restorations are pretty trivial in the scheme of things.

    The FCAI does the new bike figures on a national basis.

    There's a lot of information at http://www.fcai.com.au/motorcycles/ including full statistics for each individual make...

  3. Oh yes...

    There's the Economics@ANZ analysis of motorcycle sales etc. here

    They also say that all indicators are that motorcycles sales growth will continue.

  4. Interesting report there Tony, I note that WA has the highest per capita bike registration of all the states. I don't know if its truly typical, but I own 3 registered bikes and am busy planning No 4. The majority of WA riders that I know, own more than one bike, often a road bike and a registered 'chookie'. I wonder how that multiple ownership compares to other states?

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  5. WA riders have more bikes than us poor east-coasters because WA's economy is growing at 10% year on year and NSW is bankrupt. Higher disposable income means more of it gets disposed on bikes, your own situation being a case in point, inci :p
  6. You re right. NSW is bankrupt. One obvious evidence is the surface of the roads in NSW. NSW could not even maintain them properly.

    Riders in NSW are probably put off from buying more than one bike because of the condition of the NSW roads.
  7. interesting that roadbikes have overtaken offroad. i remember reading a couple of years ago that 9 out of the 10 top selling bikes in aus were dirt bikes, and the other was the humble postie bike!

    edit: oops misread that. it says they are catching up to dirt bikes, but havent overtaken them yet. 2/3 of top ten sellers are dirties, 1/3 road bikes.
  8. Very true. However look to the politicians and RTA for that. I used to be a roadworker (linemarker) and you will find that council roads are better maintained than rta owned roads (e.g. main arterial roads, p'matta, hume, etc. are RTA owned, some "basic" roads/streets) as their budgets are bigger.

    as an example, painting the faces of median strips from a council we could get and easy $1.10 per metre. RTA? well due to their crap budget we could barely get $0.50p/m. Any actual surface work carried out on those is also greatly reduced hence council owned roads are in better nick than the RTA owned ones - simply cos the RTA will pay sweet bugger all to any work undertaken.

    BTW any DECENT school-zone 40 patch woulda been done by me n another bloke, we always chucked down heaps of specialised sand into the paint (makes it really rough when rolled in) to give bike riders plenty of grip to brake on them in the wet. I know some people will throw like 4 handfuls over 3*3m which equates to nothing.

    Edit: after many a chateux cardboardeux it was worded as if p'matta rd etc. etc. were council owned, which is incorrect.
  9. This is because NSW subsidises smaller states revenue to the extent of roughly 30% of it's taxation income (and Victoria does by about 20% but victoria has a smaller network of roads to look after).